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video: Self-defense Lessons

03 May 2023, 06:35, parser
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When choosing between life and wallet, people usually choose the former. If you are in a difficult situation and a robber has put a knife or other weapon to your back, it is better not to show heroism and knowledge of martial arts. But if you know for sure that the attacker has nothing but strength in his fists and dope in his head, you can act and at least buy time so that help can arrive in time.

Self-defense Lessons

I myself have never been in such situations and I can't say how I would react. The only thing that happened at the age of 16 was the extortion of a purse from me and my girlfriend from a passing alcoholic. The alcoholic got off with a slight fright and said goodbye that if someone touches us here in the area, so that they immediately say that we will complain to the Roan!». He also muttered something vaguely about the fact that he also had a 16-year-old daughter and that he wanted to buy us CDs with some bullshit.

So judging from my personal experience tip #1 works. If you have been molested or threatened, your not quite adequate and predictable reaction can confuse the attacker, scare him and discourage him from contacting not quite healthy people at all. How did we react to the extortion? A friend started looking for a purse in her bag in fright, and I just started yelling at the whole street that they had already taken it out, that in broad daylight two poor schoolgirls could not even walk down the street and something else. I don't remember exactly what, because I was also scared and my non-standard behavior was just a kind of defensive reaction. I'm not sure that the same trick will work with someone stronger and less intelligent. But it's worth a try, because everyone has weaknesses.

Tip #2. Try to reach the weak points of the enemy. Weak points are the eyes, ears, nose, neck, groin, knees and legs. With fists, fingers, palm, elbows, legs — than you can reach. You will have only a few seconds to figure out where you are getting the best and exactly how to hit.

I think that everyone knows about avoiding dark courtyards, entrances, underground passages and just trying to keep their distance from the people around them.

A video about three standard attacks from the front, side and back.

Several techniques for women.

A video about how you can get rid of the grip from behind by transferring weight to the opponent's hands, working with elbows and just brutally twisting your fingers.

We will continue to collect videos and tips on various protection techniques, rules of conduct in extreme situations and how best to protect your home and other movable and immovable property. Since this topic, unfortunately, has recently become more and more in demand.

I would also like to know how you act in case of danger? Have unpleasant stories happened to you and what did you do in those cases?

And once again I want to remind you that no wallet, phone or trinket is worth your life.

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