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Rational tips for packing luggage

03 May 2023, 07:24, parser
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How many times have we told the world that it is much more convenient to travel light, but many of us still persistently drag a giant suitcase on wheels. If someone manages to get by with hand luggage, then this small bag is still barely fastened, it is so clogged. But now a bulky suitcase threatens you not only with the burden of transportation, but also with some financial expenses, since many airlines have started to charge an additional fee for checking luggage. However, this does not stop the ladies who do not feel comfortable if they did not take 5 pairs of shoes with them, as well as a kitchen sink just in case!

There is also a completely opposite type of traveler. A vivid example of this is the writer Jonathan Evin, who traveled from Ecuador to Mexico with a backpack of clothes on his back, a credit card, passport and a cheap camera, as well as with a copy of the book The Kite Runner, the pages of which he simply tore out and threw away immediately after reading.

Crazy, you say? But he still got some advantages from such a trip "light".:

  • he didn't have to be afraid of thieves. He simply wasn't of interest to them. No unusual luggage or fancy camera;
  • he did not pay for luggage on public transport (which is common in Latin America);
  • he was saving on tips for porters.

There were, of course, disadvantages: Jonathan admitted that he looked untidy and aroused suspicion with his small luggage, he was regularly asked if he was going to travel around the world naked.


In general, I don't think it's worth going on a trip with one toothbrush in your pocket, there are some tips that will allow you to take everything with you to look decent, but at the same time significantly reduce the volume of your suitcase:

1. Divide the load.
If you are traveling with someone else, then let someone take shampoo, and someone else toothpaste. Believe me, one tube of pasta for several people will be enough for you!

2. Take clothes that are easy to combine.
Take the clothes and shoes that are easily combined with each other. Every day you will be able to look in a new way, and there will not be many things.

3. Roll things into rolls.
Here the travelers split into two camps. Someone thinks that all things need to be rolled into tight rolls, and someone continues to fold them as they lie in the closet. Of course, I do not undertake to prove the advantages of this or that method, but still it seems to me that things in rolls take up much less space and crumple less.

4. Pack a trifle like matryoshka dolls.
Let's say a small camera can be put in a shoe.

5. Take multifunctional products on a trip.
For example, an inexpensive shampoo can be used as a shower gel and even as a laundry detergent. A moisturizer with a sunscreen effect will also perform two functions at once.

6. It is doubly more difficult to prepare for a trip with children. Here it is necessary to make a list and help the child carefully prepare for the trip. Maybe you can persuade him not to take his beloved meter-long bear with him? .. :)

Before the trip, find out on the airline's website what kind of luggage they consider to be hand luggage in order to avoid unpleasant disappointments. Also try to make the bag light enough and it could be easily thrown on the top shelf. Your back will tell you "thank you".
If you still took a large enough suitcase and have to take it to the luggage compartment, then take all measures to ensure that your belongings are not lost:

1. Put a paper with your name and route in the bag in case the luggage tags are lost.

2. Take a picture of your bag in order to avoid lengthy explanations about how it looked in case of loss.

3. Put the most necessary things in your carry-on luggage so that in case of luggage delay you do not have to spend money on them.

And, of course, be doubly vigilant at airports where luggage is often lost.

Have a good and easy trip!

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