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About Everything Wiki » News » Expectations versus reality: 12 photos of unsuccessful hair coloring

Expectations versus reality: 12 photos of unsuccessful hair coloring

25 Jan 2024, 12:00, parser
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On Reddit, users often share different files — especially in the subreddit "Expectations versus reality". It has a simple format: usually the authors show what they paid for and what they received in the end, in two photos. The posts complain not only about goods, but also about services. So, girls regularly complain about the work of craftsmen in salons. We have already shown examples of unsuccessful manicure, next in line is a failed hair coloring.

In all collages, on the left is what the authors showed the hairdresser, and on the right is what they got as a result. Yes, all these colorings were performed by professionals.

1. It was an attempt to make a balayage. The hairdresser sincerely could not understand why the client was unhappy.

Photo: __BoredAtWork__ / Reddit

2. It cost $700.

Photo: YourFelonEx / Reddit

3. Instead of a voluminous copper color, the hair turned out to be "inspired by lunch at McDonald's."

Photo:WithoutDennisNedry / Reddit

4. "Mom advised me to turn to a professional for a better result, that's what came out of it."

Photo: seriouslyimnotarobot / Reddit

5. The girl wanted to go out in pinkish blonde after home lightening, but in the salon she was awarded bright orange hair.

Photo: prosperos-fairy / Reddit

6. The girl paid $ 370 for blonde strands, which are almost invisible on her hair. The hairdresser simply did not explain that the result as on the reference will not be achieved without complete clarification.

Photo: Brribri / Reddit

7. Although the girl looks good in a new color, this is absolutely not what she asked for.

Photo: Deeplettuce_ / Reddit

8. Almost platinum, almost blonde.

Photo: vonkrueger / Reddit

9. Here, the master seems to have completely forgotten about the reference while working.

Photo: sonosenorita / Reddit

10. When my mother-in-law advised a hairdresser who would definitely cope.

Photo: Valkyriiis / Reddit

11. The girl liked the result, but she still did not understand where the purple had gone.

Photo: goodnaturedheathen / Reddit

12. Another unsuccessful balayage.

Photo: tray_cee / Reddit
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