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About Everything Wiki » Get Rich » 7 reasons to start a piggy bank, even if you are already an adult

7 reasons to start a piggy bank, even if you are already an adult

29 May 2023, 13:57, parser
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1. You set a good example for children

The ability to make savings is an important skill that you need to learn from childhood. And in the educational process, it is better to back up words with deeds. Regularly pour coins into the jar and tell the kids at the same time what you managed to save and why you deny yourself momentary spending. This way children will better understand the mechanism of accumulation and motivation for this.

However, a positive example of thrift is needed not only for children. So the piggy bank is a chance to demonstrate to all households that extravagance is not the best financial strategy.

2. You can track the progress

Despite the abundance of note-taking applications, many continue to use a notepad and pen, because this method works more efficiently. The piggy bank will help you check if you are an adherent of classic ways of saving money.

When the figure on the savings account increases, it's nice. But a bank filled with coins and bills is another level of visual effects. Moreover, the goal is obvious: to fill the container under the lid. This approach will bring a pleasant variety to the process of accumulation of money.

3. You take control of the most elusive part of finance

Coins are usually laid out or fall out of pockets to cover all horizontal surfaces in the house with an even layer, roll under the bed, end up in the drum of the washing machine. In this state, they are more perceived as garbage.

Instead, you will start putting coins in a piggy bank and return them to the status of money.

4. You will be able to buy something expensive with the accumulated money

This point follows from the previous one. Usually, coins are treated with disdain, because you can't buy anything with them. However, if you introduce a rule to put them out of your pocket into a piggy bank, after a while you will find that you have accumulated a decent amount .

Maybe you won't save up for an apartment in this way, but you will be able to buy something pleasant, which has always been a pity for money.

5. You save up effortlessly

Most likely, you will not be able to say exactly what amount of coins is currently in your pockets. As soon as you have exchanged a banknote for a scattering of rubles, they seem to cease to exist for you.

Therefore, you do not need to limit yourself in anything to pour a handful of coins into the piggy bank, you did not count on them anyway.

6. Do you have cash just in case of fire

Nowadays, many people have several cards in their wallet and no cash at all, because there are terminals almost everywhere. The problem may arise when you order food at home. Going to the ATM is stupid, because delivery exists precisely in order not to leave the apartment. But the treasured bank could accumulate small bills or large coins at face value.

It may be inconvenient for you to give the courier a scattering of rubles, but obviously not in the same way as if you had to go to an ATM.

7. You gamify the accumulation process

Making savings is not the most exciting process in the world. A funny money container helps to add at least a little fun to it. You have a mission — to fill the jar to the end or to accumulate a certain amount. You can come up with the rules of the game. For example, put at least 100 rubles in the piggy bank every day. Finally, you have quite a tangible reward in addition to the satisfaction of completing the task — the contents of the jar.

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