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About Everything Wiki » Holidays » 11 Tips to Help You Stay Drunk Longer

11 Tips to Help You Stay Drunk Longer

16 Jan 2024, 00:02, parser
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What to do before you get ready to drink

1. Take a break

Do not drink after training or other physical activity: in this case, alcohol will slow down How bad is it really to drink alcohol after a workout? / muscle recovery and will put excessive stress on the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Alcohol is a poison for the body. If you decide to indulge in dangerous drinks, do it when you are full of energy.

2. Have a good meal

Your task is not to drink on an empty stomach Alcohol poisoning / Mayo Clinic . Food in the stomach will slow down the absorption of alcohol into the blood somewhat, which means that intoxication will be gradual. The emphasis should be made The Best and Worst Foods to Eat Before a Night of Drinking / Health for protein products (e.g. chicken eggs, Greek yogurt), bananas, oatmeal, fatty fish, pasta Hangover cures / NHS or fig.

But keep in mind that this trick has a downside: as soon as the food protective layer in the stomach disappears, what you drank earlier will hit your head instantly and unexpectedly.

What to do when you drink

1. Don't forget to have a snack

While you're drinking, food still slows down Hangover cures / NHS alcohol absorption by the body. Just do not overeat, so as not to increase the load on the stomach and liver.

2. Avoid salty snacks

Chips, smoked meats, salty nuts cause Top 7 tips for safe drinking / Healthdirect Australia thirst, and you will unconsciously quench it with alcohol. Which means you're more likely to overdo it.

3. Do not mix different types of alcohol

It is optimal to choose one familiar drink that you will drink throughout the evening. And it's not that mixing different types of alcohol accelerates intoxication — this is a myth. It's just that the drinks you started with set a certain pace.

Traditionally, people start with "weak" alcohol. Moving on to a stronger drink, they maintain the same rate of consumption. This leads to severe intoxication with all the consequences.

4. Do not drink alcohol with energy drinks

Caffeine and other tonic substances have J. J. Breda, S. H. Whiting et al. Energy drink consumption in Europe: A review of the risks, adverse health effects, and policy options to respond / Frontiers in Public Health stimulating effect on the nervous system. Alcohol is depressing. Together, such a cocktail temporarily masks the real degree of intoxication, so a person drinks more than they should. But at some point, the alcohol concentration in the blood turns out to be so high that the energy industry is no longer able to mask it.

5. Drink water

Alcohol leads to fluid loss — for a number of reasons. First, it suppresses 7 steps to cure your hangover / Harvard Health Publishing production of vasopressin— a hormone that, among other things, limits the excretion of moisture from the body with urine. This means that when you get drunk, you will run to the toilet much more often than usual. Secondly, intoxication can be accompanied by diarrhea, sweating, vomiting, which also leads to dehydration. And it, in turn, exacerbates the symptoms of intoxication.

Doctors recommend Alcohol Poisoning Prevention / Cleveland Clinic drink water after each alcoholic cocktail.

6. Take your time

If you are a man and consume more than five servings of alcohol within 2 hours, you will almost inevitably find Alcohol poisoning / Mayo Clinic alcohol poisoning. With all the accompanying special effects, including a quick descent into a completely uncontrollable state. Women need even less to get poisoned — four servings in a couple of hours.

The concept of a portion is very clearly established. Specialists of the American medical organization Mayo Clinic define Alcohol poisoning / Mayo Clinic its like this:

  • 355 ml of ordinary beer with a strength of about 5%;
  • 237-266 ml of malt liqueur with a strength of about 7%;
  • 148 ml of wine with a strength of about 12%;
  • 44 ml of alcohol with a strength of 40%.

To avoid rapid intoxication, stretch the pleasure over time. It is best to drink no more than one serving per day. A maximum of two if you are a healthy man under 65 years of age. But if for some reason you cannot limit yourself to this conditionally healthy dose, consume at least no more than one serving of alcohol per hour.

7. Dilute alcohol

This method has been known since the time of the ancient Greeks, who adored wine, but did not respect those who got drunk quickly. Strong alcohol diluted with water or juice can be sipped almost all evening, without exceeding the safe dose of alcohol and remaining in a sober mind and memory.

8. Be able to stop in time

In the Russian Federation, the permissible blood alcohol content is considered Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, Article 12.8. Driving a vehicle by a driver who is intoxicated, transferring control of a vehicle to a person who is intoxicated 0.3 ppm (that is, no more than 0.3 g of alcohol per liter). This is the upper limit of the norm for drivers. However, other citizens should also pay attention to it: this amount means that you are already in poor control of yourself.

It is possible to guess how much per millimeter of alcohol has already accumulated in your blood by indirect symptoms. Here, for example, is how Stanford University experts describe What Is Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)? / Stanford University different degrees of intoxication (in the USA, they are usually measured by how many grams of ethanol are contained in 100 ml of blood; for convenience, we have converted the figures to the usual ppm — grams of alcohol per liter of blood).

  • 0.1–0.3 ppm — slightly improves mood.
  • 0,4–0,6 — there is a feeling of relaxation, lightness. And also the reaction speed, thinking, and memory deteriorate slightly.
  • 0.7–0.9 — the balance is slightly disturbed, speech and vision become slightly less clear than usual, the reaction rate decreases. However, the drinker is still confident that he feels fine. 1-1.2 — the language begins to slur, speech becomes slurred. The coordination of movement is disrupted, the person loses his sanity.
  • 1,3–1,5 — double vision and foggy. Gross violations of motor control occur: it is difficult for a drunk to maintain balance.
  • 1,6–2,0 — the mood deteriorates rapidly, aggression towards strangers and oneself easily arises. Nausea may occur. The movements are distinctly awkward, it is difficult for a drunk to take something in his hand or even walk through the doorway.
  • more than 2 — severe intoxication, sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Consciousness is confused. A person is unable to move independently.
  • more than 3.5 — possible loss of consciousness.
  • more than 4 — the beginning of a coma. There is a high probability of death due to respiratory arrest.

It is worth stopping drinking at the initial stage of intoxication, similar to 0.1 ppm. Keep in mind that at this point not all the alcohol that got into your stomach has been absorbed into the blood, that is, the number of ppm will increase in the near future.

9. Learn to say "no"

The simplest and at the same time the most difficult way is to definitely give up an extra portion of alcohol. If you doubt that you will be able to resist persuasion to drink another one, use a simple life hack: pour water or juice into a glass. This will give you the opportunity to continue to clink glasses with friends and at the same time not pour alcohol into yourself.

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