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About Everything Wiki » Get Rich » Is it possible to return the goods paid for by credit or in parts, and what will happen to the money

Is it possible to return the goods paid for by credit or in parts, and what will happen to the money

23 Jan 2024, 00:01, parser
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The mechanisms for purchasing goods with deferred payment are different — a loan, an installment plan (from the point of view of the contract — this is most often also a loan, only interest-free), payment in installments. Tools can be very convenient if you use them with a cool head. But what if you don't like the product or it breaks? When you pay for it in full in the store, everything is relatively simple. Most purchases can be returned within 14 days, simply because you changed your mind. And there is a guarantee for the damaged one.

But what about loans and installments? After all, you borrowed money from a bank or service and owe them. We are figuring out how to deal with such situations.

Is it possible to return an item taken on credit, in installments or paid in installments

If, as a general rule, it is possible to return the product to the store, then it does not matter how you paid for it.

Let's say you bought jeans, tried them on at home and realized that you still missed the size. You have two weeks Law of the Russian Federation dated February 07, 1992 No. 2300-1 "On Consumer Protection" to take them back. If the product turned out to be of poor quality, then there is much more time for a refund. is allocated for this Law of the Russian Federation dated February 07, 1992 No. 2300-1 "On Consumer Protection" warranty period or expiration date. And if they are not installed, then you can give back what you bought "within a reasonable time", but no later than two years later.

In general, the rules are the same as in cases of payment for goods immediately.

How to get a refund for the product

A lot depends on how you bought the item. For example, the services payment in installments promise an automatic refund of the money that you managed to pay them. All information will come to them by itself, without your participation. If not, you need to contact support. But the money will just come to the card.

With a loan and installments, it is a little more difficult. What you definitely need to know: when returning an item of inadequate quality, the store not only has to give you Law of the Russian Federation dated February 07, 1992 No. 2300-1 "On Consumer Protection" money for the product itself, but also to reimburse interest and other payments under the contract. This is information, the importance of which will be better seen by an example.

When you buy an item on credit, the bank transfers an amount equal to the cost of the item to the store. And you essentially have two contracts. One is with the store where you made the purchase, and the second is with the bank from which you borrowed money. If you return the product, the store will give you the purchase price. And the bank already owes you the money that you paid it. But it's not that simple. After all, you end up owing the bank more, with interest.

For example, you bought a mini oven for 15,000 rubles on credit at 25% per annum for a period of six months. Three months later, the device broke down, and you took it back. The store accepted the goods and returned 15 thousand rubles to the bank. You have managed to make three payments in the total amount of 8,056.26 rubles and expect to receive them back. But that was not the case. 788.16 rubles of the amount transferred by you are interest. That is, at the time of refusal of the loan, you already owe the bank not 15 thousand, but 15 788.16 rubles. This means that when the store returns the money, this amount will not repay your debt. And that is why there is a rule in the law that the seller must also cover all payments under the contract — so that it is fair: You don't have the goods, but you haven't lost anything either.

Please note that this applies only to goods of inadequate quality. If everything is fine with the product, then it is no longer the seller's fault, but your wrong choice, for which the store is not obliged to pay. However, in the two weeks that are given for a refund, a lot of interest will not accumulate.

Since you have two contracts — with the store and with the bank, you will have to terminate both. If you returned the product, it does not automatically terminate the loan agreement, so you should not stop making payments or just pretend that there is no loan. At the same time, it is important to know exactly how the repayment terms are written in the loan documents. (Carefully read the papers, of course, it is necessary before buying, and not when you decide to return the goods.) If the store and the bank are ready to cooperate, you are lucky, if not, you will have to work hard.

On average, the refund mechanism will look like this. But this is a difficult path. It is quite possible that everything will be easier for you if this is a well-established scheme for the bank and the store.

Hand over the product to the seller

If the product is of good quality, the seller must issue a refund immediately. If these are defective products, an examination may be required to confirm that the defect is indeed present. That is, it will take some time. Then you will receive a document from the store indicating that you have returned the item. Save a copy of the claim as well.

In both cases, you will need to fill out an application for a refund. You will have to specify where to send the money. You can enter a credit checking account or your own, it doesn't matter. Although with the latter there are more possibilities for control.

Contact the bank

Wait until the store transfers the money and contact the bank — in person or online, if possible.

If the product is of good quality, repay the loan, pay off the interest debts, if any, and take a certificate that the bank has no claims against you. This is necessary so that suddenly it does not turn out that you have a debt of three kopecks, which over the years can magically grow into thousands of rubles.

If the thing is defective, pay off the loan and close it, as in the previous case. If the store transferred the money immediately to the bank account, then the institution must also refund the resulting overpayment to you. Take a certificate from the bank about the amounts that you paid him in the form of interest and other loan obligations.

Keep in mind that you need to contact the bank promptly. You can only compensate for the interest paid before the day of return of the goods.

Go back to the store

With a certificate from the bank, a loan agreement and documents confirming the return of the goods, contact the seller with an application for a refund of interest.

Where to contact if something went wrong

Rospotrebnadzor is engaged in consumer protection. You can also complain to the Central Bank about the illegal actions of the bank.

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