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About Everything Wiki » Health » How to breathe life into a home office

How to breathe life into a home office

02 May 2023, 07:07, parser
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If you work from home, then your home «office» — is exactly the place where you spend most of your days. If this space is filled with all sorts of irrelevant junk and you see a bunch of incomprehensible papers, notes, pens and stickers, then you should also understand that few things can affect your productivity as badly.

Do you like to constantly dig through stacks of papers? Aren't you tired of the failures when searching for a small but important flash drive buried under this junk?

Let's think about how to get rid of this mess and turn your workplace into a source of energy and inspiration for your work.
We guess that the idea of cleaning came to you more than once, but it died because of fear, laziness and procrastination. It's time to change everything.

  1. Identify your needs
    First, you need to understand what you really need to work. For example, a USB flash drive and a microphone can be much more important than a printer that takes up a lot of space, which you use hardly once a month. Therefore, take a blank sheet and make a list of things without which you will not be able to work at all.
  2. Start with an empty room
    The best way would be to start with a completely empty room. This would make it possible to plan the locations of the desired one well. You already have a list of what you need, so it will be easy for you to arrange what is included in it.
  3. Cancel the wires
    Wires are one of the most noticeable elements that clutters up the room and collects dust. Think about buying a wireless keyboard and mouse first, then you should think about how to get rid of the rest of the wires or pack them more carefully.
  4. Keep the table clean
    You need to constantly remember that the table is not a trash can and not an archive. Processed papers either have to go to the basket, or they should be filed in the archive. Do not keep the printer on the table, find a place under it, for example. Drawers are best for small things. You get the idea.
  5. Forget about paper
    Yes, this is the obvious next step. If you still have a lot of papers, then you are unlikely to be able to keep order on your desk and in the office. Use electronic payments, scan papers for the archive and destroy the originals, use web services that help get rid of paper paperwork.
  6. Use walls
    The wall behind the desk can be used to place a calendar, a note board, or a clock. This can be attractive, and it will also help not to load your desk with it.
  7. Get the chair of your dreams
    A high-quality chair plays one of the most important roles in the ergonomics of your workplace, helps you maintain the correct posture and thereby saves your health. If your chair does not help you not to get tired, then you should spend money on something more comfortable. You can read about workplace ergonomics here (Eng).
  8. Improve lighting
    Make sure that sunlight gets into the office during the day. It energizes, saves electricity and is good for the eyes. Note that the light should not interfere with working with the monitor.
  9. Turn green
    You already have sunlight, now add live plants and water them regularly.This will create a pleasant atmosphere that will have a beneficial effect on your work.
  10. And now — hold on
    Give yourself the installation that your home office will remain as clean and fresh in a month and a year.

10 Steps To Rejuvenate Your Messy Home-Office [ Jay White ]

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