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About Everything Wiki » Health » Healthy eating: foods that work in pairs

Healthy eating: foods that work in pairs

03 May 2023, 18:39, parser
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Each product contains certain useful elements. Sometimes he works great on his own, but sometimes he needs help for 100% return.

Healthy food — the right combination of foods. For example, as a child, I was often told that in order for the nutrients from carrots to be well absorbed, you need to eat it together with sour cream. By itself, no matter how much you eat it, it does not give such a positive result.

Sometimes these food combinations are strange, sometimes quite tasty. But in any case, they work much better together than separately. I bring to your attention 7 pairs of products that, according to the experts of EatingWell magazine, work best together.

Broccoli and mustard

In 2011, a study was published in the British Journal of Nutrition, which showed that the combination of broccoli with mustard helps the body to absorb more sulforaphane compounds that help fight cancer cells. Raw broccoli contains a large amount of these anti-cancer compounds, but these properties are partially lost during heat treatment. Therefore, British scientists propose a way out of this situation by combining broccoli with mustard, wasabi or arugula, which contain a large dose of the enzyme tyrosinase. It is this enzyme that helps the body to absorb more sulforaphane.

Coffee and sugar

Good news for those who like to drink coffee with sugar. Sweet coffee helps you stay productive longer than just strong coffee. If you don't drink coffee, then black or green tea with a spoonful of honey will work just as well. I just want to remind you that honey cannot be added to boiling water. Adding honey to boiling water kills its beneficial properties. Even at 60 degrees Celsius, the enzymes and vitamins contained in honey are destroyed, so you just drink tea with glucose and sugar.

Azuki beans and raspberries

Azuki beans are an Asian variety of beans. These are small beans of red or black color, and they can be bought in almost any store. However, this pleasure will cost twice as much as ordinary beans.

Usually this bean is used for Asian sweets. For example, rice cakes stuffed with sweet beans (black and red) have a very strange taste. In combination with raspberries, the effect of antioxidants of this pair increases by 45%. Another interesting option, but in the form of a trio: bean salad with spinach and raspberries. It tastes very strange, but until you try these pies, you will not understand whether such an exotic sweetness suits you.

Turmeric and salmon

Curcumin (a component of turmeric) and DHA (omega-3 fats in oily fish) protect against certain types of cancer and prevent the proliferation of cancer cells. According to cancer researchers, the combination of these two products helps fight breast cancer much more effectively than if they are used separately.

By the way, if you roll salmon in a curry mixture or turmeric with flour and salt and send it to the grill, you will get a very tasty dish.

Whole grains and onions

A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry (Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry) shows that combining garlic and/or onions with whole grains can help increase the absorption of iron and zinc, which are contained in small amounts in whole grains. Scientists do not yet know exactly how, but they suggest that sulfur compounds in onions and garlic help the body absorb these useful elements.

How to combine it? Just make a roast from a mixture of onion and garlic (until golden brown) in olive oil and add to buckwheat, brown or brown rice or wheat.

Beans and greens

Legumes, and beans in particular, contain a fairly large amount of iron. And vitamin C, which is contained in greens, helps this gland to be better absorbed by the body. Therefore, such a combination is not only delicious, but also useful.

Boil the beans and mix with finely chopped coriander, mint or parsley. Season it all with vegetable oil.

Tomatoes and olive oil

Tomatoes contain a large amount of lycopene, which gives the tomato a red color and helps fight breast cancer, heart and lung diseases. And the use of tomatoes with olive oil increases the absorption of lycopene by the body. According to studies, a group of people who consumed tomatoes with olive oil for a week had a higher content of antioxidants in their blood than those who ate tomatoes with sunflower oil.

I don't think any special recipes are needed here. Just tomatoes with salt, pepper and olive oil — this is already very, very tasty :)

And once again I want to remind you that you need to eat everything in moderation. If you eat a whole bowl of tomatoes or broccoli with mustard, it does not mean at all that you will immediately replenish your stocks to the top mark. The body will assimilate as much as it can. And the rest, as Sheldon Cooper said, are just ingredients for expensive urine.

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