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About Everything Wiki » Get Rich » Secrets of Bodo Schaefer's Success

Secrets of Bodo Schaefer's Success

03 May 2023, 19:35, parser
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The notes existed before Mozart, the important thing is that he created them for humanity
(c) Bodo Schaefer

He is 53. At 13 he lost his father, at 16 he left for the USA. He promised himself to earn a million by the age of 30. At 26, he went bankrupt and was mired in debt. He could celebrate his 31st birthday in the Bahamas – Bodo Schaefer's fortune exceeded a million and multiplied every day.

Bodo Schaefer is a well–known businessman and financial coach. For more than 20 years he has been lecturing in Germany, Holland, Russia and other countries. In his trainings, Bodo teaches people that success is the ability to turn dreams into reality, and happiness is the ability to enjoy what he has received.

Bodo Schaefer is the author of many books on finance and time management. The most popular of them are "The path to financial independence", "Money or the ABC of money", "Laws of Winners".

From this article you will learn some of the postulates of Bodo Schaefer's philosophical position that led him to success.

Bodo Schaefer

Money is like a magnifying glass

It is difficult for the "Children of Socialism" to accept capitalist values. Since childhood, we have been taught that money is evil. They cause nothing but misfortune. Despicable colored papers destroy the soul, and the poor are always honest, and the rich are probably a thief.

Even after growing up and becoming wiser, these attitudes have not disappeared from our subconscious. According to Bodo Schaefer, this is the reason for the financial failures of many people.

The situation we are in is a reflection of our beliefs. And money is a reflection of the character of its owner.

By themselves, they are not good, not bad. Only when they belong to someone, they acquire a "coloring".

If you want to improve your well-being, change your attitude to money. Remember: money is just a means to be free, independent and happy. By themselves, they do not bring either the first, the second, or the third. But when you have them, it's much easier to become free, independent and happy.

Only you are responsible for your life

After the collapse of the financial pyramid "MMM" hundreds of thousands of depositors lost all their savings. People were shocked, 50 (!) of them committed suicide.

Many are still angry and curse Mavrodi and Co., believing that this person is responsible for their financial failures.

In fact, nothing and no one can determine how you live. Except for yourself. You are not responsible for all the events that occur, but you are responsible for how you react to them.

Bodo Schaefer defines responsibility as an internal attitude to the events taking place. To live without responsibility means to live by the rules written by others. It means being a victim.

Only you decide how to react to certain situations, only you decide where to invest money.

Do, not try

How often do you hear the phrase "I'll try" or "I'll try"? Bodo Schaefer is categorical: "... to try is just to justify your failures in advance, to excuse them in advance."

The reason is simple – 99% of people are not confident in themselves. Practically no one can guarantee that they will do their job flawlessly and on time. That's why he makes himself a straw – "I said I'd just try."

If you decide to make money, a lot of money, you should do, not try. "There are no attempts. Either you do something or you don't."

Willingness to take risks

Self-doubt breeds stagnation. Many people have been holding the same position for years, working at the same company simply because they are afraid of change.

Getting out of your own comfort zone, doing something new and unfamiliar is too much risk for many. They value the tit so much that they begin to despise cranes.

Bodo Schaefer is convinced that any profitable business is risky. "If you are not afraid of taking a new step, this is a sure sign that it is not significant enough for you." You can achieve success only by taking "significant" steps, which means taking risks.

The best way to prepare for the future is to create it yourself

A person who is responsible for his decisions, does, and does not try, is willing to take risks and looks to the future with optimism, can be called happy. With one "if".

If he has found a job that gives him pleasure. Remember: money does not bring pleasure by itself. But they will transform your life if you earn them by doing what you love.

Think about what you really like, what you would like to devote your life to?

This is what should become your business.

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