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About Everything Wiki » Books » REVIEW: "Platform: how to become visible on the Internet", by Michael Hyatt

REVIEW: "Platform: how to become visible on the Internet", by Michael Hyatt

04 May 2023, 18:22, parser
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Michael Hyatt wrote an excellent "step-by-step guide for everyone who has something to say or sell." But also for those who do not yet know and do not know how to create an audience around themselves or their product, do not know how to talk to it, retain and expand it.
Give it to all those who think it's enough to be a good specialist or just make a good product. This book will dissuade them and help them move on successfully.
I also recommend this book to those who have recently engaged in blogging. You will also learn something useful.

Michael Hyatt

Why it's worth reading the book: it contains concrete examples from the life of a man who served as CEO and is now chairman of the board of directors of Thomas Nelson Publishers, one of the largest publishers and bookselling companies in the United States, Moreover, Michael is a successful blogger and lecturer. In general, he knows perfectly well what he is talking about and provides many of the chapters with useful tips based on his experience.


The book is divided into 5 large parts that will guide you through each stage of the promotion of a product, service or personality: "Surprise your customer", "Prepare to enter the market", "Create your base", "Expand your influence", "Captivate your tribe". Each of the parts is divided into mini-chapters and they should be used as a step-by-step guide.

Your product or service should be not just good, but the best, unique. Only in this case you will have a chance to declare yourself to the world. Details such as your appearance and naming of the product/service are also important:

All the great names are created using the PINC strategy. This means that they all perform one of four tasks: promise (promise), intrigue (intrigue), define a need (need) or simply describe the content (content).

You will learn what "speech in the elevator" is and why it is important:

Remember, you won't have a second chance to make a good first impression.

Learn to use a blog and social networks for your own good, learn to write a blog, learn to write a blog regularly, efficiently and quickly, learn how to deal with a creative crisis.

Bottom line: take the book as a desktop book. It is extremely easy to read. Your only difficulty will be to implement the author's advice.

Michael Hyatt

"Platform: how to become visible on the Internet", Michael Hyatt

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