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3 Proven Ways to Improve Memory

04 May 2023, 05:51, parser
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Today, no one doubts that with the help of special exercises you can lose weight or pump up the muscles of the press. But when it comes to the contents of our head, everyone usually throws up their hands and begins to blame higher powers or heredity. Yes, the genetic foundation, no doubt, is of great importance, but we must keep in mind that our mental abilities, creativity and memory can also be very successfully developed with the help of special techniques. Today we want to remind you of the three best ways to acquire and preserve an acute and effective memory at any age.

1. Break the routine

If you are not a rock star or a rhinoceros bone hunter, but an ordinary person, then your standard day, as a rule, looks like one another, like two drops of water. You get out of bed at the same time, go to work, then the road back, TV, sleep. Everything is very predictable and it kills our brain.

Most of the actions take place on full automatic, and the impressions of today are no different from yesterday. This causes exactly the same reactions in the cerebral cortex, which gradually leads to its gradual atrophy. The solution to this problem is to urgently introduce any variety into your daily routine.

how to train memory

Travel. One week on a trip can give you more impressions and memories than an entire year of ordinary life. New places, people, traditions and languages make your brain shake up from the slumber of everyday life.

Start learning something new. Go to a dance school, start drawing, learn a foreign language. Let your brain wake up!

Communicate more. Meet with friends or family members and just talk. Share your thoughts, argue, discuss, and not passively consume.

Turn off the TV! Your brain develops when you are engaged in creative activity, and not half-asleep consumption of moving pictures on the screen. During your vacation, it's better to read something really beautiful.

memory training exercises

2. Feed your brain

Our readers, without a doubt, know what a huge importance proper nutrition has. Do not be lazy to follow your diet and pay special attention to heavy drinking. Yes, and the word diet means regular and healthy eating, not sophisticated fasting.

To have a good memory, you should get three meals a day, consisting of a certain amount of protein, a lot of vegetables (preferably organic) and a complex of carbohydrates, such as whole-grain rice or legumes. In addition, you can help your memory by adding special vitamin supplements to your diet.

Vitamin B complex

These vitamins are incredibly important for the health of your body and brain. Their lack can lead to memory loss, partly because your brain cells will not be able to get rid of the toxins they produce as a by-product. But that's not all… insufficient vitamin B levels can also cause you depression and lead to distracted attention.

Vitamin C

It's your brain's best friend. Vitamin C is responsible for creating neurotransmitters that send signals to various parts of the brain. Without them, your brain won't function properly, so give it an extra boost by using vitamin C.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E plays a key role in protecting us from radicals, which are sometimes called free radicals. These radicals are a special type of toxin that damages the membranes of our cells. Obviously, brain cells need protection, and this vitamin is a great way to do that.

Yes, and do not forget to consult your doctor before using any vitamin supplements. Just in case.

cell membranes, radicals, vitamins, brain, memory

3. Train your brain

Like any other organ of our body, the brain is susceptible to training. The more you strain it, the more you try to remember, the better it will eventually work out for you.

Modern technologies relax our brain more and more every day: Facebook* will not let you forget about the birthdays of loved ones, the smartphone will helpfully remind you about purchases and current affairs, and the omniscient Google will find the answer to any question. In general, there is almost nothing to remember now. However, this is a path that can lead nowhere. What will happen to your legs if you stop walking with them, but only lie, sit or ride? They will lose strength, dry out and atrophy. About the same thing happens with our brains.

Therefore, the most important condition for preserving and multiplying memory is its relentless use. Try to remember the shopping list. Count in your mind. Learn by heart your reports or favorite poems. Read it. Think.

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