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About Everything Wiki » Survival » What should I do if I received a call about a planted bomb

What should I do if I received a call about a planted bomb

03 May 2023, 19:11, parser
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In Russia, telephone terrorists have once again become more active. More than 30 were evacuated due to information about the planted bombs More than 30 schools are being evacuated in St. Petersburg, reports of bombs continue to arrive schools in St. Petersburg, 25 Unknown "mined" about 25 objects in Moscow and the region objects in Moscow and the region, 16 Volgograd reported mining of 14 schools, a hospital and an administrative building — in Volgograd, more than 10 More than 10 buildings evacuated in Nizhny Novgorod — in Nizhny Novgorod and so on.

Lifehacker tells you what to do if a telephone terrorist reported a bomb in the building where you or your relatives are located.

If you are in a building that is allegedly mined

Take the threat seriously

Reports of planted bombs often turn out to be false "Don't make the mistake of Magnitogorsk." A wave of anonymous messages about mining spread to other Russian cities . But it is not your task to check the veracity of the information. Always act as if there is not a single reason to doubt the information voiced.

It is better to evacuate 10 times in vain than to suffer once in a terrorist attack.

Listen carefully to the commands

The task of the employees of the facility where you are located is to open the evacuation exits and distribute the flows of people so that everyone can quickly leave the building without crowding. If this is your first time in this building, it is the teams announced by the staff that will help you find the shortest way to the street. In addition, if there is already information about where an explosive object may be located, you will be led around it. Therefore, try to do without amateur activity and do as you are told.

Leave the building as quickly as possible

Head to the nearest (or the one indicated by the organizers) evacuation exit. If you do not know where it is, quickly find a stand with instructions where the necessary doors are marked.

Do not panic and do not hesitate, control your position in the flow of people so as not to fall and not be trampled. Do not bend down to fix something, you may be knocked down. If you do fall, curl up into a ball and cover your head with your hands until you can get up.

If you have a child with you, hold his hand so that he does not get lost. Assess the situation in advance and avoid situations when the crowd "impresses" you into handrails or door jambs.

Help those who need it

Let the children go ahead, help those who for some reason cannot walk quickly on their own. It's not just about altruism and humanity — this way you increase the overall speed of the flow of people and the overall chances of salvation.

Move away from the building

Being on the street is not enough. The power of the charge is unknown, so it is better to move away. Usually, the site is determined by the special services that arrived at the site or those responsible for the security of the object — follow the instructions.

If we are talking about a shopping mall, you can go home. But those who were evacuated from work or from an educational institution need to wait for the instructions of the leadership: perhaps when the special services inspect the building, you will have to return and continue to work or study.

Don't make common mistakes

These actions can cost you your life. That's what you can't do:

  • Run for things in the wardrobe. You're wasting precious time. In addition, the hangers can be trampled without any emergency, so it's not worth taking any risks during evacuation.
  • Go upstairs. The path to salvation leads to the street, there are no other options.
  • Use a smartphone. The bomb may go off due to a mobile signal. Also, it reduces your speed.
  • Run in search of friends and relatives. Meet them on the street. Otherwise, you not only risk death yourself, but also complicate evacuation by moving against the flow of people.
  • Take the elevator. The ladder is more reliable, they won't be able to turn it off.

If you receive a call about a planted bomb

Whoever reports the bomb has the most complete information about the threat. Therefore, it is important to keep cool and find out all the nuances. Police advise Instructions for countering the threat of explosion proceed as follows:

  • Write down everything the interlocutor says, verbatim. Ask them to repeat if necessary.
  • If he doesn't tell you exactly where the bomb is planted and what power, ask him yourself.
  • Tell him that there are a lot of people in the building who may get hurt.
  • Try to determine whether the voice is male or female, whether there is an accent and speech features, in what condition the caller is — this will be needed later to identify the offender.
  • Listen to background noises, this can help determine the location of the interlocutor.
  • If possible, do not hang up. Hold down the microphone and use another phone — mobile or landline — to contact the police.

Then you need to notify the management or the security service about the incident so that they organize the evacuation. If you are the authorized person for this, then start taking people out of a dangerous object.

If your relative is in a building that is allegedly mined

Do not panic and do not cut off the phone. Firstly, a mobile signal can trigger an explosion. Secondly, it distracts a person from evacuation.

No need to run to the scene and try to get into the building. By doing this, you will only interfere with the work of the special services.

But a relative will appreciate if you grab warm clothes in winter: they are evacuated most often in what they were, since there is simply no way to reach the wardrobe. A spare key to the apartment, if you have one, will also not be superfluous. Then take the participant of unpleasant events home. Even if he is quite an adult and independent, money for travel or car keys could remain in the building.

These tips also apply to situations when a bomb call has arrived at your child's school or kindergarten.

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