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About Everything Wiki » Survival » How to protect yourself from pickpockets

How to protect yourself from pickpockets

05 May 2023, 09:26, parser
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Tatiana Zakordonets
Crime journalist.

How to recognize a pickpocket

It is almost impossible to accurately calculate the plucker. This is not always possible even for experienced operatives, because such thieves practically do not stand out from the crowd: ordinary appearance, casual clothes. But still, they have some common features that are worth paying attention to:

  • Shifty eyes. The attacker is looking for a potential victim, and at the same time looks out for whether he is being followed.
  • In his hands he holds a "screen" — a bag or a package to hide his hand.

A pickpocket can offer help to get closer. For example, to support a woman by the hand, as if helping her to get out of transport, or to hold the door at the entrance to the store, letting the lady go ahead.

The thief takes out the loot carefully with two fingers or tweezers. If it is not possible to open the bag unnoticed, use a piece of blade broken off at an acute angle. Sometimes pickpockets work in pairs. One distracts the victim with conversations while the other is picking pockets or handbags.

How pickpockets choose a victim

Potential victims of such crimes are women, pensioners and teenagers. In most cases, pickpockets choose them, because they are less attentive and vigilant. In case of unforeseen circumstances, they will not be able to put up a decent resistance, because they are physically weaker than adult men.

If the attacker is operating in transport, the victim usually chooses on the street by his clothes. An experienced thief determines by eye how much money a person has in his wallet.

Where pickpockets operate

Their favorite places of work are markets, shopping malls, public transport, bus stations, railway stations. In a crowd, it's easiest to get the loot out of bags and back pockets unnoticed.

Urban transport is of particular interest to pluckers during rush hours, when a huge number of people go to or from work and storm the transport without noticing anything around. Along with the crowd of passengers, pickpockets get into buses, minibuses, trolleybuses and the metro.

How not to become a victim of a pickpocket

  1. When leaving the house, count the money in your wallet. Don't take too much.
  2. If you need to take a large amount, do not carry it in your wallet. It is better to put it in different places. It is advisable to carry large amounts in the inner pockets of a bag or clothing.
  3. Before leaving the house, make sure that the purse and purse are not visible through the clothes.
  4. Make sure that all the locks on the handbag are always fastened, and in a crowded place try to hold the bag to yourself. Avoid the option when she casually dangles behind her back.
  5. Never put a purse with money in a shopping cart in supermarkets and do not keep it open for a long time. Also make sure that no one snuggles up to you.
  6. Do not count the money in your wallet publicly and do not check whether the entire amount is in place. Such movements serve as a hint to the thief.
  7. In public transport, pay special attention to the passenger neighbor who is standing at the door a step below. It's easiest for him to put his hand in your pocket and pull out your wallet.
  8. Prepare money for travel in advance, and not at a bus stop or in transport.
  9. If someone suddenly starts pushing or pinning you in transport, do not forget that this may be just a maneuver to distract attention and steal your property.
  10. Keep the bag firmly under your arm or in front so that it is constantly in front of your eyes. Do not carry your smartphone in the pockets of your outerwear.
  11. If you are still a victim of a pickpocket, call the police immediately. Remember, the earlier you report the crime, the more chances you have to catch the attacker in hot pursuit and return the stolen.
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