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About Everything Wiki » Work and Study » Google Calendar Sync — синхронизация между Google Calendar и Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Google Calendar Sync — синхронизация между Google Calendar и Microsoft Outlook Calendar

03 May 2023, 05:27, parser
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To synchronize Google calendars and Microsoft Outlook, there is a utility Google Calendar Sync — a small program that sits quietly in the tray and quietly does its job.


The program works in three modes:

  1. Saves Google Calendar events in Microsoft Outlook;
  2. Saves Microsoft Outlook calendar events to the Google service;
  3. Synchronizes both calendars, filling in the missing places.

It is possible to set the synchronization interval (by default it costs 2 hours). The program runs in the tray and is completely invisible. There was also a fly in the ointment. Since there is only one type of event in Google Calendar, the synchronization with Microsoft Outlook is partial. tasks that this office program is so famous for fall out of sight. After synchronization, all events of both calendars (with the exception of Microsoft Outlook tasks) appeared in the right places of the calendars, picking up the time of reminders and repetitions. There were no problems with the Russian language.

Microsoft Outlook calendar before syncing:


Google Calendar after syncing with Microsoft Outlook:


It's a pity that there was no place for tasks in the Google service, because they form the core of my time management, nevertheless, I put this utility on my mind.

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