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9 questions we are afraid to ask ourselves

11 Jun 2023, 00:01, parser
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Andrey Yakomaskin
Teacher and writer. Shares inspiring stories in his group in the social network "VKontakte".

Why is it important to ask yourself questions? I will demonstrate by example. Tell me, where are you?

I am sure there will be many answers: in the subway, at home, on a walk. However, something else is important. It is important that you pay attention to this. Until I asked the question, you were sitting quietly and sliding your eyes over the lines, thinking about your own.

In other words, the question controls our attention. He directs it to where it is particularly needed. Unfortunately, we don't often ask ourselves questions. Maybe because of habit, or maybe because we are afraid of being disappointed in the answers.

I have collected questions that turn us to important topics. Those that we prefer not to think about, but which are necessary for our development.

1. Why do I indulge my weaknesses?

We don't think about where our habits come from. It doesn't matter if they are harmful or useful. Over time, it seems that this is just a mandatory part of life: to smoke a cigarette or eat a cake of sadness.

Unfortunately, most of our weaknesses are an attempt to drown out insecurities and neuroses. And without paying attention to them, you can't get close to solving problems.

2. Why didn't my life plans come to fruition?

Everyone loved to dream as a child. Who to become, what to achieve. Then we were extremely honest with ourselves and chose only what really attracted us. When was the last time you checked these plans?

It's sad to admit, but stability turned out to be above personal choice, and we equated desires with dreams. Therefore, it is not surprising that they have not been fulfilled.

3. What do I expect from life?

People are constantly waiting for something. Sometimes from life in general, sometimes from other people: "And why are the people around me behaving differently than I intended?"

I'll tell you a secret: the only way to realize your expectations is to meet them yourself. Are you waiting for justice? Be fair. Waiting for love? Love.

4. Why don't I finish things?

The very fact that a person regularly puts things off is a sign of strong insecurity. He believes that he will either not succeed, or it will turn out badly. No one likes to admit it.

Although there is a third option — he does not like this case. But then why start?

5. What have I done today to simplify my life?

We are afraid of this question, because often the answer is "nothing". A routine in which a boring scenario repeats itself prevents us from enjoying life. But happiness lies in the details, small things that are highly valued. You just need to add them to the schedule.

6. Why am I holding on to something that it's time to leave behind?

Insults and mistakes of the past — there are people who can't live a day without remembering them to someone. This is an easy way to get rid of responsibility. "I'm not like that, life is like that." Familiar?

To hold on to what was is to miss opportunities now.

7. Do I like myself?

The question underlying self-assessment. It's easy to answer it once, but the effect is only regularity. It's easy to like yourself in a suit and tie. It's harder to do this by looking at your flaws.

The fact is that the disadvantages are also you. All your habits, principles, ideas. There is nothing superfluous. So why deny it?

8. Am I responsible for what I have?

Why do I have such a profession? Such a relationship? The answer "Because it is my choice" deprives us of the right to complain.

This is clear from the example of relationships. Here you choose a partner for the best qualities, but do not tolerate his shortcomings. It turns out that you love only that part of the person with whom it is convenient. But you all chose.

Life is the sum of your choices. Respect them.

9. How do I live?

The most difficult question. You need to ask yourself it regularly and regularly give an honest answer.

Our behavior every day is a reflection of our attitude to life in miniature. If today we succumb to anger, then why do we think that tomorrow we will get rid of it?

This question simultaneously brings us back to the present moment and shows what is worth working on.

In conclusion

Practice kills fear. Therefore, ask yourself questions as often as possible.

Start now. While you were reading, your answers probably appeared in your head. Take five minutes to decide if they suit you. And remember: sometimes a question is the answer.

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