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About Everything Wiki » Life Hack » How to increase the battery life of your laptop

How to increase the battery life of your laptop

03 May 2023, 07:07, parser
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There are a number of tips that allow you to increase the battery life of the laptop without much cost and effort. These tips are obvious, but put together they allow you to achieve very decent results in increasing battery life.

1. Defragment the hard disk regularly - the less fragmented it is, the less energy the mechanics need to move the heads for reading and writing information.

2. Turn off the screen — turn on the automatic screen shutdown mode after a minimum time, the backlight lamps of the LCD screen «eat up »the lion's share of the battery charge.

3. Disable programs running in the background - disk indexing programs, antiviruses, etc.

4. Disconnect external devices - bluetooth, wi-fi, as well as USB devices that are powered by your PC's batteries.

5. Add RAM — less your PC«swaps», spends less battery.

6. Use hard drive reading instead of CD or DVD, where possible.

7. Make sure that the battery contacts are clean.

8. Discharge and charge the battery — train it. Do not discharge it to exhaustion.

9. Use Hibernate mode instead of Standby, since in the first case, the computer actually shuts down.

10. Make sure that the air ducts are clean so that the computer does not overheat.

11. In the settings of your OS, select the priority mode of "Power saving".

12. Avoid multitasking in your work. Use only what you need at the moment.

13. Using a PC to work with the web or typing texts, you will work offline much longer than when watching a DVD or playing.

14. Use the latest laptop models if you can afford it.

15. Old laptops carry batteries with "memory effect" on board, which lose capacity over time. Upgrade such batteries, or rather the entire laptop.

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