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About Everything Wiki » Travel » What to do on vacation: 9 ideas for entertainment in different parts of Russia

What to do on vacation: 9 ideas for entertainment in different parts of Russia

05 Jun 2023, 00:02, parser
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1. Get out to the skating rink in Moscow

Image: ENEA

There is a huge selection of ice platforms in the capital. The most popular are located at VDNKh, Red Square, in the Hermitage Garden, in Gorky Park. If you want to enjoy the New Year's atmosphere to the fullest, plan a visit in the evening when garlands and lanterns are lit. You don't have to bring your skates — you can rent a suitable pair. By the way, not only races are held at the venues. For example, at VDNH, guests are waiting for morning exercises on ice and sightseeing tours along the Central Alley.

To make the holidays even more enjoyable, Tele2 has prepared discounts for winter entertainment for subscribers. For example, using the program "More" at the VDNH skating rink, you can rent skates for free. To do this, go to My Tele2 application. In the "More" section , click the "Activate" button in the offer card, wait for the SMS with the code and enter it when buying ice rink tickets. Don't forget to grab a promo code for coffee as a gift. After arrival, you can warm up with a hot cappuccino or latte.

Learn "More"

2. Admire the lakes in Kazan

If your December was too active, and all you want to do on vacation is enjoy the silence and views of nature, go to Kazan. There are Blue lakes near the city, the temperature in which almost does not change throughout the year. In winter, they do not freeze, and therefore look very unusual against the background of sparkling snowdrifts. The lakes are located near the capital of Tatarstan, and the easiest way to get there is by car on the M7 highway. If there is no private transport, you can take bus No. 40 to the village of Shcherbakovo, and then walk. By the way, tourists should take a walk around Kazan itself — take a look at the Kremlin, the Kul Sharif Mosque and other attractions.

3. Arrange a winter picnic in Kaliningrad

If you prefer a mild winter, go to Kaliningrad. The average temperature in January here is only -1.5 °C, so it will be comfortable to walk around the city. The bravest can even have a picnic on the shore of the Baltic Sea. The main thing is to stock up on hot drinks and snacks.

Kaliningrad has a lot of interesting architecture. If you are in the city for the first time, it is worth taking a look at the Brandenburg Gate, the Amalienau district and the Cathedral. By the way, on the north side of the temple is the grave of Immanuel Kant. And there are also many curious museums in Kaliningrad — the World Ocean, amber, marzipan.

Festive activities are also carried out in the city. For example, there is a fair on the island of Kanta, where you can taste roasted almonds in caramel and ride on carousels. And in the Cathedral there will be Christmas concerts of organ music.

4. Plunge into the hot springs in Perm

Image: TanyaZhe / Shutterstock

There are complexes with outdoor pools both in the city itself and in the Perm district. They work all year round, but swimming in winter is much more interesting than in summer. The frosty air outside and the water heated to +38 °C create a pleasant contrast.

If you are going to relax in one of these places, set aside a whole day for this and arrange a real spa marathon. In addition to the thermal water pool, it is worth visiting the sauna or hammam. And if you can't imagine a bath without hot air and a good broom, look into the Russian steam room. By the way, some thermal baths have massage rooms and salt rooms.

Relaxing at the hot springs is a great opportunity to relax and have fun with family or friends. In Perm, Tele2 subscribers can spend three hours in the Weekend thermal bath complex with a 25% discount. You can get such a promo code in the "My Tele2" mobile application in the "More" section of the program.

Get a promo code

5. Watch The Nutcracker in Novosibirsk

The Opera and Ballet Theater is one of the most recognizable places in Novosibirsk. If you are in the city on vacation, do not miss the opportunity to join the art. Until January 8, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of fairy tales and magic at the New Year's ballet "The Nutcracker". And also in the playbill of the theater is the ballet "Konek‑The Hunchback" and the fairy tale opera "Morozko".

By the way, the Siberian Snow Sculpture Festival will open in Central Park in early January. Sculptors from different cities and countries traditionally come to the event, who create masterpieces out of snow right on the spot.

6. Get around all the museums and avenues of St.‑St. Petersburg

Saint‑Petersburg is able to charm even in winter. Start your walk from Nevsky Prospekt, the main street of the city. Along the way you will meet old buildings, museums and cozy cafes where you can warm up with a cup of coffee. Stop at the Singer House and Stroganov Palace — very atmospheric photos will turn out here. After walking along the avenue, you can move to the Palace Square. There is one of the main attractions — the Winter Palace. And there are also many unusual museums in the city — for example, Soviet slot machines, anomalies of the body, Grigory Rasputin's apartment museum.

Winter in St.‑St. Petersburg has fairs on Manezhnaya Square and Malaya Sadovaya Street. And they also conduct city walking tours — go to one to admire the main city Christmas trees and festive illumination.

7. Skiing in "Sheregesh"

Image: Lukas Gojda / Shutterstock

Ski resorts and bases in the Kemerovo region will please those who are not used to spending holidays lying on the couch. There are a lot of trails here. For example, gentle slopes are suitable for novice skiers and snowboarders. And those who are already riding confidently can take a closer look at the steep slopes and freeride zones. One of the most famous ski resorts in the Kemerovo region is Sheregesh. There are 15 trails of different lengths and degrees of difficulty. In addition, snowmobile excursions and helicopter flights are offered for guests.

Tele2 also has a nice offer for the guests of Sheregesh. When buying a ski pass to the resort "Sector E", you can get a lift as a gift. Click the "Activate" button in the offer card in the My Tele2 application, wait for an SMS with a promo code, show it at the checkout — and go to the tracks!

These are not all promotions and discounts that can please Tele2 subscribers in winter. Go to the section "More", search for your city and choose the best deals you like.

"More" discounts!

8. Dog sledding in Karelia

Winter Karelia is fluffy snow, majestic fir trees and frozen waterfalls. If you're lucky, you can even see the Northern lights. Here one of the most popular activities in winter is dog sledding. They ride most often on huskies and malamutes.

There are several nurseries in the region. For example, Husky Moa eco-complex is located 30 kilometers from Petrozavodsk. And in the Sortavalsky district there is a nursery "White Fleece". Not only Siberian huskies live there, but also foxes, owls, reindeer and other animals. By the way, the place is located near the Ruskeala waterfalls, next to which the Soviet film "And the dawns are quiet here" was filmed.

9. "Fly" on the frozen Baikal

If you plan to spend your holidays in Buryatia, be sure to go to the main lake of the region. Here you can skate and listen to the famous "cosmic" crackle of winter Baikal. Do you want to add a pinch of extreme to your vacation? Rent a hovercraft. Such all‑terrain boats can easily move both on ice and on water. Due to the design, they rise above the surface of the lake and literally "fly" forward, not float.

If you are lucky with the weather and manage to catch the sun, arrange a photo shoot. Clear and transparent blocks of ice, pierced by rays of light — incredible pictures are provided to you. And if there is time left, take a look at the Trans—Baikal National Park - it's worth going there at least to see the unique Baikal seals.

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