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9 Ways to Use Evernote

08 May 2023, 07:26, parser
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Evernote, like nothing else, makes it easy for me to cope with everything, while remaining in my mind. Here is a little of what it can serve for:


I add notes to a special Evernote folder about what I need to do, with a date in the YYMMDD format in the first column. I check this folder every morning, and everything related to this day – documents, tickets – is at hand.

File backup

Evernote is free – but the monthly download limit is 40 MB, and you can download fewer files. I pay and store copies of all my necessary files in Evernote, which are now available at all times and from everywhere.

School management

In order not to get confused in my notes, tasks and tests, I opened the "School" folder. It has links to each individual item, and everything related to it is sent there. So nothing is lost, and studying does not seem so difficult.

Basket of ideas

I write articles to many sources, and a constant flow of ideas is very important. The Blogs folder stores ideas for each blog individually and for different ones, as well as what I would like to add to the internal interface.


My long-standing habit of keeping a diary every day has become an unpleasant duty for me. And now notes about things that I find interesting, my reaction to events, thoughts that suddenly arise fall into the "Links" folder, in the "Diary". This way, I collect my thoughts in one place – no one forces me to constantly update them, and it doesn't bother me.

List Manager

There are lists that are constantly updated and should always be at hand, I have created a separate folder for them. Evernote has such a feature as a checkbox – this is how I mark things I have done or purchased.

Epicenter of the study

If you are conducting research, create a folder for related information. You can paste entire web pages into Evernote or use the built-in screen copy tool.

File cabinet

Everything I come across – magazine clippings, recipes, receipts, and the like is scanned and gets into the appropriate Evernote folder. Thanks to text recognition, images are easy to search for – at least easier than in a folder with papers.

There are a bunch of things you can do with Evernote; it's an easily customizable and accessible way to store your information from anywhere in the world.

And how do you work with Evernote? And if you use something else, then what?

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