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Determine your financial stability

03 May 2023, 19:31, parser
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We constantly hear about financial ratings of countries and companies in the news, but for some reason we do not apply methods of analyzing financial well-being to ourselves. And it's not that someone is rich, but someone just doesn't need it. The point is that when assessing our financial situation, we must take into account a lot of factors that affect what will happen to us in case of an unexpected crisis, dismissal, or simply if we want to give up everything and live for three months for ourselves. CNNMoney allows you to understand your real financial situation within two minutes by answering just a few questions.

The questions are:

– how old are you and what is your annual income;
– how much do you pay for housing per month;
– what is your debt on credit cards and loans from banks;
– how many months of life will your savings last;
– what percentage of income do you invest in stocks;
– own are you part of the company you work for;
– do you have medical insurance and what is the payout in case of death (usually this is the maximum for insurance);
– how much you save per month and how much money is in your pension fund.

As a result, you will get a result that will be your current financial rating. And the main thing is that it's not about the number of money earned, but how you manage it – how ready you are for shocks, whether you are providing for your old age and whether you are sitting too much in debt.

How healthy are your finances? | CNNMoney

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