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About Everything Wiki » Sexology » How to use a masturbator to get an orgasm, not problems

How to use a masturbator to get an orgasm, not problems

29 May 2023, 13:57, parser
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What is a masturbator

A masturbator is a sex toy for men. The first model looked like a flashlight with a lid, inside of which there was an imitation of a vagina, mouth or anus. Then there were eggs, rings, cylinders that do not resemble body parts, as well as models with vibration and suction.

Although it is believed that the best is the enemy of the good, this does not apply to masturbation. The hand, of course, is always with you, but the sensations from it are not like frictions with a partner. Therefore, a masturbator is a cool option in order to diversify sex solo and in pairs.

What to buy

How to use a masturbator

There is nothing complicated in this: add a little lubricant and start frictions. The lubricant must be water-based, so as not to damage the surface of the masturbator. Just in case, when buying, ask the consultant which one is better to take for the selected model.

After use, wash the masturbator with a special tool for sex toys. They are also sold in sex shops and on marketplaces.

What to buy

Can a masturbator harm

Yes. Although you can masturbate at least every day , you can sometimes hurt yourself. If you forget about lubrication and perform intense frictions, there is a chance of mechanically rubbing Does excessive masturbation have health risks? / Planned Parenthood sensitive skin on the penis.

If you overdo it, the skin will become Chafing / Cleveland Clinic :

  • red,
  • painful,
  • edematous,
  • hypersensitive.

In addition, an infection can join.

If you notice these signs, you should immediately stop masturbating and not have sex until the skin is completely healed. To alleviate the symptoms, you can apply, for example, a healing gel with aloe.

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