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About Everything Wiki » Self-Development » An alarming suitcase: a list of things that should be in an emergency

An alarming suitcase: a list of things that should be in an emergency

07 Jun 2023, 12:02, parser
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Why do we need an alarm case

This basic set An alarming suitcase / EMERCOM of Russia it helps to hold out in an extreme situation until the arrival of rescuers or evacuation from the danger zone. As a rule, it includes a minimum set of clothes, hygiene items, medicines, tools, self-defense equipment and food. The alarm suitcase assembled according to all the rules allows you to hold out for some time in the absence of water, food, heat and a roof over your head.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia recommends An alarming suitcase / EMERCOM of Russia keep a ready-made set of basic necessities primarily for those who live:

  • in the area of possible earthquakes, tsunamis, recurring severe floods and forest fires;
  • near enterprises that work with harmful substances;
  • in areas where there is a high probability of armed conflicts.

To understand whether you need an alarm suitcase or not, experts recommend objectively assessing the likelihood of a natural or man-made disaster in your region. For example, residents of megacities in areas with low seismic activity will most likely not need a full set of things, and you can limit yourself to a lighter and more compact version.

What things to pack for a disturbing suitcase

An exhaustive list is compiled individually and depends on various factors. Among them are the time it takes rescuers to get to the emergency zone; the remoteness of the place of residence from large settlements; the personal needs of a person and his family members.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations offers An alarming suitcase / EMERCOM of Russia focus on such a basic set:

  1. Flashlight.
  2. Mini radio receiver with the ability to receive VHF or FM band.
  3. Spare batteries.
  4. Universal knife with a set of tools.
  5. Matches or a lighter.
  6. Food per day — any high-calorie foods that take up little space, weigh little and are stored for a long time, such as energy bars, stew, soup bags.
  7. Bank cards and cash.
  8. Copies of important documents — passport, driver's license, birth certificate, documents confirming ownership of real estate and car, and other important papers. It is better to put them in a waterproof package and put them in such a way that it is easy to get them. You can also add photos of relatives and friends to the documents.
  9. First aid kit — cotton wool, bandages, plasters, BF glue (will replace iodine and zelenka), activated charcoal, antipyretic, painkillers, medications for allergies, diarrhea and intestinal infection, antibiotics in powders, medications prescribed by a doctor that need to be taken regularly.

In addition to the universal set, they can also Ready New York Pocket Guide / NYC Emergency Management other things will come in handy:

  1. Water supply at the rate of at least 0.5 liters per day.
  2. Duplicates of house and car keys.
  3. Map of the area, waterproof compass and watch.
  4. Inexpensive mobile phone with a charger.
  5. Tourist hatchet.
  6. A whistle or other signaling device.
  7. Garbage bags with a capacity of 120 liters — 5-6 pcs. They can be cut and build an awning.
  8. Wide adhesive tape.
  9. Threads with needles.
  10. Comfortable shoes and clothes — two sets of underwear, two pairs of socks, spare pants, shirt or jacket, raincoat, hat, mittens, scarf.
  11. Mini-tent, sleeping bag and thermal blanket.
  12. Hygiene products — toothbrush with paste, soap, towel, toilet paper, paper and handkerchiefs, wet wipes, pads and tampons, razor, manicure set.
  13. Tableware — cauldron, spoons and forks, metal mug, folding cup.
  14. Vodka or medical alcohol.

All the things in the alarm case must be new. It is better not to use them in everyday life, as well as periodically check and update if the shelf life of products and medicines is coming to an end.

Where to put everything

The best choice is backpack. If you have to walk, it will be easier and more convenient to carry it than a bag. The backpack must be of high quality and sound, so that it does not fall apart after 30 minutes of wearing in extreme conditions. It is good if it has a lower section — a "basement" or a valve, as well as a rain cape. If it is not, then you can buy protection separately.

Small and expedition backpacks need to be stacked not according to the principle of "heavy at the bottom, light at the top", but so that the weight in them is distributed evenly. Plastic bags with a clip will be useful to protect the contents from moisture. Small items and essentials, such as a first aid kit and a flashlight, can be put in pockets, and food and a change of clothes can be put at the bottom of the main compartment. In general, it is worth packing everything in an alarming suitcase so that you can quickly and easily find what you need.

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