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About Everything Wiki » Self-Development » How to get rid of dreams in the garden and garden

How to get rid of dreams in the garden and garden

29 May 2023, 13:58, parser
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Why is there a snow on the site and why should it be removed

Snyt is an aggressive weed capable of growing rapidly and seizing territory. It forms a powerful horizontal root system that develops intensively and suppresses other plants. Mostly snyt grows in the shade and on moist soils.

The roots of the snyti quickly spread throughout the site. Frame: Alyonin garden / YouTube

Snyt propagates by processes on the roots, so it can be brought into your garden with soil or compost. Even a small piece of root in the substrate is enough for the weed to start growing and begin to develop new territories. And the plant also spreads by seeds after the start of flowering around the middle of summer. Therefore, if the plot is located near a forest or in the neighborhood of an unkempt or abandoned infield, the snow will surely dissipate in your garden.

Therefore, it is important to get rid of the leaves and roots of the dream in time, preventing it from blooming and tying seeds. Otherwise, at best, the site will look untidy, and at worst, cultivated plants will not withstand competition with aggressive weed and wither.

How to get rid of dreams on the site manually

This is a very time-consuming, but perhaps the most effective and safe way to drive away the weed. Arm yourself with a garden pitchfork and use them to dig up the site where the snyt has settled. This should be done gradually: dig up the soil, extract all the roots manually and so move step by step throughout the overgrown area.

However, there are places where it will not work to dig up the soil. For example, snyt can germinate through other plants, the roots of which are easily damaged when removing the underground part of the weed. In this case, make it a rule to regularly cut off the leaves and stems of snyti, trying to capture the growth point, which is located in the soil at a depth of 1-2 cm. Do not let the pest build up the green mass and pull out the barely hatched sprouts. The rhizomes of the dreams will spend time after time on the formation of shoots , which will gradually lead to their exhaustion and death.

Also, instead of digging and manually removing the roots, you can mow the snout at the very base. For the best effect, the procedure should be carried out at least 2-3 times a month.

Rhizomes should not be thrown into the trash or burned. The same should be done with the aboveground part of the weed, if it has already bloomed. Thus, you will not contribute to the reproduction of an undesirable plant on the site. But the non-flowering young tops can be safely sent to the compost pit .

How to get rid of a dream on the site with a covering material

Snyt, like any other plant, needs light and moisture. If you deprive the weed of these important conditions, the rhizomes will gradually deplete and die.

To combat sleepiness, a dense dark film, agrotextile, roofing material — any materials that will not let light and water through will be useful. Choose one and spread it out on an overgrown area. To make the shelter fit snugly to the ground, you can put stones or other heavy objects on top. Metal brackets or dowels for fixing thermal insulation materials are also suitable.

Frame: Garden without worries TV / YouTube

The shelter should be left for the whole season, winter and removed only in the spring for the next year.

How to get rid of sleep on the site with the help of special preparations

The use of herbicides is an effective, but at the same time very aggressive method of weed control. It is not necessary to use them where snyt grows near cultivated plants. The drug in this case can kill not only the pest, but also everything that is in the neighborhood with it. Special products can be safely sprayed on lawns and garden paths . And some preparations — even in the beds, a few weeks before planting vegetables and flowers.

So, "Roundup", "Tornado", "Agrokiller" will help to get rid of dreams. Usually, the principle of operation of different means is similar: you need to prepare a solution and spray the weed tops with it. Over time, the active substance will penetrate from the stems and leaves into the roots and destroy the weed. The specific timing, method of application and precautions when working with the herbicide depend on the product and the manufacturer, so carefully read the instructions before the procedure.

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