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Order on the digital desktop

02 May 2023, 11:04, parser
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You've probably seen desktops littered with everything you can. We hope it's not your desk that's so littered, because the mess is completely unproductive. However, littering your digital desk is almost easier than a physical one. Therefore, it seems useful to us to describe a possible procedure for putting it in order.

  • Take an inventory of installed applications. View all installed applications on your computer. Pay attention to when you used it last and how often you use it at all. In Windows, it's easy to do this from the Add/Remove Programs dialog on the Control Panel. Knowing what you run and how often will give you an idea of what it's time to get rid of.
  • Delete duplicates.
    Almost certainly you have a lot of duplicate files and programs on your disk. To understand whether it is a duplicate, you need to try to find a unique application of this program. For example, MS Word is a duplicate of Open Office Writer. Get rid of one of them.
    Duplicate files will help you find special programs, for example, Duplicate Files Searcher.
  • Check if there is any junk.
    If you already use the 3rd Firefox, then why do you need the installer version 1.5, for example?
  • Think before you download.
    Think for a dozen seconds, do you need this program or file? Won't it take a place in your mind, distracting and not helping to achieve your goals?
  • Driven horses are shot.
    Even an old and beloved program that has stopped helping you and is lying in a balloon should be deleted. You won't forget her anyway. Get rid of it.
  • With , systematize the storage.
    To make regular cleaning easier, create folders for different single-use content (trials, photos for illustrations, videos), which will then simply be cleaned with a couple of clicks.

The first pass may be difficult, but by doing it regularly you can ensure that the cleaning will not take more than a dozen minutes.
Decluttering Your Digital Workspace [ Celine Roque ]

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