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About Everything Wiki » Get Rich » 5 Easy Ways to Save Money for Those Who Have Friends

5 Easy Ways to Save Money for Those Who Have Friends

15 Jan 2024, 00:01, parser
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1. Use referral links and "Bring a Friend" promotions

Friends often do something together, for example, sign up for the gym or place orders in online stores. But this is the case when it is advantageous to split up.

Many sites have a system of personal referral codes. You will receive yours after registration. If someone purchases a product or service from this organization and uses your code, then both you and your loved one will benefit. It can be a discount, increased cashback and even money. Sometimes — this often happens in small gyms — a friend needs to be physically led by the hand in order to get some period in the gym for free.

2. Plan your shopping list together

This point is more about single people. Because the most profitable packages are family—owned, but one, as a rule, cannot use such a volume before the expiration date. But if you divide it into several people, it will be profitable. But this, however, is an obvious advice.

We need the help of friends much more to get around the tricks of marketers. Perhaps you have had such situations: you explore an online store, put your favorite things in the basket and find out that there is not enough, say, 700 rubles before free delivery. The delivery itself will cost 300 rubles. But instead of paying this amount, a person often starts looking for something else to buy. And it overpays, not saves.

And here friends are very useful, because you can share the cost of delivery with them or finish off the basket to the desired amount so that no one buys too much.

3. Pay attention to group discounts

This is especially true for those who like to go to the cinema, theaters, museums and exhibitions. Because if you get together as a group, you can get a discount on tickets. And this does not mean that you need to look for a large crowd, often four or five people are enough.

Moreover, for some reason, this is rarely written about on websites. So, if you are planning something, it is better to use the proven grandfather's way and call first.

4. Order sets in restaurants and deliveries

We are not necessarily talking about those sets for 10 people, which, in terms of the prices of individual dishes, are one and a half to two times cheaper. It often happens that the menu has combo sets of, for example, vocals and rolls. And if it so happens that one wants noodles and the other wants rice with fish, this is a good way to save money.

5. Travel with friends

A single person is most vulnerable when traveling, since single rooms, if found, are more expensive per person than double rooms. At the same time, in fact, they do not differ in any way — only, perhaps, the size of the bed. And even one two-room room can be more profitable than renting two single rooms.

And of course, all the previous tips work when traveling. You can divide large portions among yourself, buy discounted group tickets and purchase things on promotions like "three for the price of two".

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