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Angelina Jolie among the programs

03 May 2023, 13:08, parser
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jolieGeeks can probably be divided into two types — those who use online RSS aggregators, and those who prefer desktop clients. I have been using regular software for a long time and switched to Google Reader relatively recently, when a normal high-speed Internet (1.5 Mbit/s) appeared. But many still prefer offline applications. NewsFire is most likely suitable for them. The author of the development calls his program «Angelina Jolie among the programs» (The ‘Angelina Jolie of applications ’). And after that, how can I not resist getting acquainted with this RSS client?

The NewsFire interface is really beautiful. There has never been anything like this in terms of convenience and beauty for Windows. As for the Mac platform, some developers were clearly inspired by NewsFire. In any case, it seemed to me that the author of NewsLife kept NewsFire in mind during his work.

Main window of Newsfire

NewsFire is a shareware program. Unlike the bloomers, there is no trial period here — the developer just introduced a limit on the number of subscriptions — no more than 15 (however, remember that there are services for combining RSS feeds). Another disadvantage of the trial is the constantly appearing offer to activate the program.

One of the main inconveniences of offline clients for me is the wild brakes with a large number of subscriptions and downloaded news. In this regard, NewsFire is an exception. I have been using the program for about 3 weeks, subscribed to several dozen frequently updated streams (such as Engadget and BoingBoing), but there are no brakes yet.

NewsFire has almost all the functions that are inherent in analogues — the ability to import and export subscriptions to an OPML file, grouping by folders (including smart folders, which are permanent search folders). You can subscribe to podcasts, watch videos.


One of the coolest features of NewsFire, in my opinion, is instant search. Once you start typing some text, the results will immediately appear.

You can also highlight the integration with blog clients and the ability to save links in .

But NewsFire also has a number of serious drawbacks. The biggest inconvenience is the lack of a built—in browser. As a result, you have to open links in Safari.

Another limitation is the inability to read password—protected RSS feeds. By the way, there are a lot of such tapes. These can be «podzamochnye» (Friends Only) entries in «Livejournal », paid subscriptions like Daring Fireball (until recently).

Here she is — Angelina Jolie from the world of programs :)

Link to the developer's website

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