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About Everything Wiki » Life » 5 reasons to wake up early

5 reasons to wake up early

02 May 2023, 06:58, parser
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The most useful period for sleep is considered to be only two hours long: from 22:00 to 24:00. If you fall asleep before 10 p.m. and don't wake up before 12 a.m., you will be able to wake up at 5 a.m. without any problems. The author, an inveterate owl, experienced this for herself: she adhered to such a regime and at the same time felt great.

During the week during which our family adapted to Kiev time after two months of living "in the future" (the difference with Kiev was +5 hours), waking up at 5 in the morning and going to bed at most at 10 pm, I managed much more than in a month of "night" life.

Now our family has returned to the usual routine, but I am seriously thinking about waking up early again. And there are much more than five reasons for this. It's just that the most basic things fit into these five.

1. Improving health

As mentioned above, in the interval from 22:00 to 24:00, the body receives the same magical dream that allows it to completely relax and refresh. If you are used to going to bed after midnight, you cannot get a full rest, even if you sleep 10 hours instead of the standard 7-8. The number of hours may vary depending on the physiological characteristics, but the right time is you they missed it anyway.

A sharp transition to early rises will not do you any good if you are used to waking up not earlier than 10 am. Therefore, it is better not to rush and try to get up 10-15 minutes earlier every morning. Gradually you will enter into a new rhythm.

2. Time Management

Waking up early, you have time to do much more. Firstly, you can safely take a shower while everyone else is asleep and there is no queue in the bathroom. You become much more collected, you will be able to think about the upcoming day without hurrying over a cup of coffee and approach work in a state of full combat readiness.

The main thing is to completely eliminate the use of the Snooze button in the alarm clock.

3. Wish fulfillment

Everyone has something they really like to do, but they don't have enough time for it all the time. Morning is a great time for such things. For example, read a book or go to yoga: in many schools, classes start early enough, so after that you can get to work without delay. And if you decide to go for a run, then you will have enough time to take a shower and not have breakfast in a hurry.

And you can also start drawing, blogging, knitting, collecting models, and so on. Morning hours are suitable for hobbies no worse than evening hours, and sometimes even better, especially if you have children.

4. You are not putting anything off for tomorrow

In addition to pleasant things, each of us has responsibilities around the house, which I really don't want to do in the evening after a working day. Morning is also not always desirable to spend on household chores, but sometimes it's better to deal with them early.

Just think, how many times have you told yourself that you would do it tomorrow, and "tomorrow" never came?

5. Everything counts

Switching to a new daily routine, as well as instilling any other useful habit, is quite difficult, and some people need some kind of encouragement for this. At the same time, encouragement should also be useful (and in no way extra hours in bed on a Sunday morning!). For example, you can keep a diary of your morning rises and record everything that you manage to do in the morning and for the whole day in general. Moreover, it is worth taking your own section to morning affairs, so that you can then assess how much you have done thanks to early rises.

Reread these entries at the end of each week (or at the end of each day), and you will get great pleasure from the realization that now you have time not only to do your job, but also to do what you really like and what the hands did not reach before due to lack of time.


Waking up early, you have time to do much more than in your usual day. You become more collected, and the morning energy is quite enough for the whole day. In the evening, you don't feel squeezed out like a lemon: you just want to sleep, and don't switch off and forget. In the morning, you have time to do things that just didn't fit into your schedule before.

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