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About Everything Wiki » Life » Why everyone should write their own manifesto and how to do it

Why everyone should write their own manifesto and how to do it

03 May 2023, 16:26, parser
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We are constantly writing something. Memos, memos, shopping lists, to-do lists, explanatory notes and thousands of other small, meaningless pieces of paper. What cases, such and records. However, if you set really big goals for yourself, you want to make important changes in your life, then the plan for their implementation should be called quite differently, solemnly and importantly. For example, a Manifesto.

Why everyone should write their own manifesto and how to do it

The manifesto, as dictionaries explain to us, is a special important document that publicly declares the basic principles, views and intentions of a certain person, party or state. History knows many manifestos proclaiming new religious and cultural trends, starting wars and causing revolutions. Although your goals probably do not include the intention to change the state system or to seek the capture of the universe, writing such a document is a great way to:

  • clarify, including for yourself, your beliefs;
  • check and strengthen your motivation;
  • develop personal rules and behavior policy;
  • describe the world you want to live in;
  • set specific goals and ways to achieve them.

Thinking about, formulating and fixing on paper who you are at the moment and where you are going to move on will help you:

  • make the right decisions;
  • evaluate your capabilities;
  • stand by your principles when a difficult situation of moral choice arises;
  • achieve your goals.

Your manifesto should not be set in stone for centuries. Every person goes through a certain evolution of his views, principles and goals during his life, sometimes quite cardinal, so that what seemed holy and unshakable yesterday looks ridiculous and ridiculous today. It is much better to review it every year and make the necessary changes. It will be even more useful to save the old versions of this document so that later you can see the steps of your personal growth.

how to write your plan, move to the goal

If you've never had to write such important documents before and you don't know where to start, then try using the following plan:

I believe that every person has the following qualities and rights _______ .

I think the following things are very important _______ .

In my world, people treat each other _______.

In my world _______ (description of the environment, economy, etc.).

My personal policy is _______ (to behave in a certain way).

I believe that I have unique abilities to _______ (do something).

My personal overarching goal is _______ (add intermediate goals if desired).

My overall goal in business/career is _______ (add intermediate goals if desired).

You will not need to publish your manifesto in newspapers for public viewing. However, if you have a life partner, close friends or business partners, then this is a good reason to compare your life priorities and attitude to life.

Writing a life manifesto should not be an attempt to create a platform for preaching or moralizing. First of all, this is a frank conversation with yourself in order to clarify things that are important to you, to distill the essence of your views and attitude to the world, to outline the main directions of your development.

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