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About Everything Wiki » Inspiration » We will greet the morning with adults 20 thousand times. How not to waste this time

We will greet the morning with adults 20 thousand times. How not to waste this time

25 Jan 2024, 00:00, parser
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The average life expectancy in Russia is just over 70 years. If we assume that at the age of 18 a person becomes an adult, and round up the results of calculations, it turns out that about 20,000 times you will meet your morning with an adult who is responsible for his actions and can change his life as he wants.

Just think, as many as 20,000 times you will wake up refreshed and ready to roll mountains or crawl out of bed barely alive and wake up before lunch.

When you clearly realize that you will see the morning even less than 20,000 times, you begin to realize that you are wasting your time. Here are some ways to stop doing this and get more benefit and pleasure from your morning.

1. Manage your energy, not time

You complete some tasks faster and better at certain times of the day. Some people have a surge of creative energy in the morning, while others are overwhelmed by a wave of creativity in the evenings or at night.

See what works best in the morning and do exactly that. Even if you work in an office, most likely you can move some tasks and swap them.

For example, if creative energy wakes up in you in the morning, you can perform tasks related to a non-standard approach and search for new solutions, and in the evening move all routine tasks like raking letters from clients or phone calls.

2. Get ready in advance

Before going to bed, make a to-do list for tomorrow. This will save you a lot of time in the morning and help you form good habits. If you have planned something since the evening, you are more likely to do it in the morning.

Planning brings the future into the present and allows you to do something about it now.

Alan Lackey
world expert in time management, author of the book "The Art of keeping up"

3. Don't check your email before lunch

Do you check your email almost immediately after waking up, thinking that there might be something urgent there? Not worth it. Would anyone send an email with really urgent news?

Everything that has come to you can wait for another couple of hours, so devote the morning to things that you consider really important, and not "super urgent" messages on work issues.

4. Put the phone away

Put your smartphone in another room or put it on a colleague's desk. This way you won't spend your morning hours with excellent concentration and efficiency (or bubbling creative energy) on some little things like checking your Facebook account* or meaningless messenger correspondence.

5. Work in a cool room

Have you ever noticed how a stuffy and hot room brings you to sleep? If you already have problems with cheerfulness in the morning, in a stuffy room you will nod off before lunch, or even after.

In a cool room, it will be much easier for you to concentrate and spend your morning usefully.

6. Sit up straight or stand up

Your brain needs oxygen to work well, and in order for you to breathe freely and easily, your lungs must be straightened. Unfortunately, many of us are used to sitting hunched over, staring at the monitor or typing something.

When you sit hunched over a table, the diaphragm presses down on the bottom of your lungs, so you can't take a deep breath.

Sit up straight or stand up to breathe more deeply and easily. As a result, your brain will receive more oxygen, which means it will work more efficiently.

7. Don't spend a lot of time on food

Breakfast helps to provide the body with the necessary energy for the whole morning. Try to make it useful, but do not spend a lot of time cooking.

To save time in the morning, you can cook breakfast with dinner, and after waking up, just warm it up or have breakfast with products that do not require cooking.

8. Find your morning ritual

Someone starts the morning with a charge, someone with a glass of cold water or a ten-minute meditation. Observe your little ritual every day in a certain sequence, for example, first drink a glass of water, and then go to do exercises.

When the ritual becomes a habit, it will become a signal for the body, according to which it will tune in to different types of activity. So, after a glass of water, you will almost automatically go to do exercises, you will not even need motivation.

9. Move towards the goal slowly but surely

It is rare when a person's life collapses in one day or month, everything happens gradually. A morning that brings nothing but disappointment is the result of everyday choices, and these choices grow into a habit. A lost morning is followed by a lost day and evening, and so on all the time.

Bad habits are acquired gradually, but good ones are also gradually formed.

American nutritionist and fan of healthy lifestyle Jack Lalaine woke up at 4 a.m. every day and spent 90 minutes on weight training, and then another half hour on running. For more than 60 years, he performed this ritual every morning, as a result he became one of the most influential figures in fitness and lived 96 years.

The way we spend our morning shows and to some extent defines the whole day. You have 20,000 opportunities to meet him in a different way.

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