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About Everything Wiki » Life » 13 advantages of owls — those who lead a nocturnal lifestyle

13 advantages of owls — those who lead a nocturnal lifestyle

17 May 2023, 05:57, parser
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1. Flexible working schedule

Being an owl, you have probably adapted to the typical schedule of larks: start work at 8 am and finish at 5 pm. Thus, you can adjust not only to the standard schedule, but also adapt to less common variants of an irregular working day. This feature allows you to successfully work the night shift. And if you are a manager, you will have overtime hours at your disposal.

2. Ability to cope with tasks before the deadline

The fact that owls come to work an hour later than others does not mean that they do not do their job in full. Their productivity can noticeably increase in the evening. And when deadlines are tight, owls can easily stay late or work overtime.

If you are an owl, then you always have time to relax in the evening, even on working days that end later than usual. And no matter what difficulties there are at work, you can postpone all problems until the morning. The next day, the decision will come by itself.

3. Great working opportunities

The ability to have a clear dialogue in the evening can be a significant advantage for those who have to work late or whose colleagues are in other time zones.

Imagine for a second that you are in Vladivostok. If you are an owl, then you are ready to conduct business conversations and exchange messages with colleagues from Moscow in the late afternoon. Your cheerfulness and availability can characterize you as a responsible employee, regardless of whether you came to work earlier or later.

4. Active participation in the life of society

If you want to defend the cause of peace, to help those in need, to contribute to the development of society, then being an owl, it will become much easier to do this.

Many areas of interaction with society, for example, the role of a leader whose activities are related to non-profit organizations or volunteers, are suitable for those who have free time and energy in the evening.

5. Forces for child care

While larks do an excellent job of getting children to school early in the morning, owls are indispensable for caring for children at night. In the evening, owls have the strength to communicate, play and read together. They will perfectly cope with the task of putting the kids to bed.

6. Intimacy with teenagers

Circadian rhythms of teenagers are arranged so that they have a desire to sleep closer to 23:00 and later. You probably didn't know, but teenagers often wait for midnight on purpose. Only at this time they can share their thoughts and feelings.

It is almost impossible to change these patterns of behavior. But owls, due to their unwillingness to go to bed early, can discuss some significant issues with teenagers when they are ready to do it.

7. Busy social life

People who lead a nocturnal lifestyle have physical and emotional reserves to participate in evening friendly gatherings. For owls, enjoying a pleasant dinner, having a drink and chatting with friends after a working day is not at all tedious. Thanks to this, they expand the circle of acquaintances and strengthen friendship.

8. Professional communication without borders

Suppose you happen to be on a business trip. Owls have a large reserve of energy to communicate with colleagues and clients, to participate in conferences and meetings.

When serious matters are resolved, you can get to know and communicate with colleagues at work in the evening in an informal setting. This can be useful both for the development of one's own horizons and business ties, and for business in general.

9. Time for physical activity

In the evening, it's time to do sports, especially in the warmer months. You can have a leisurely lunch, and in the evening devote time to training. You can walk, run, ride a bike or visit the gym.

In the morning, as a rule, there is not much time for training. But in the evening, owls can enjoy a lot of sports without being distracted by anything.

10. Spirit of cooperation

There are couples that cannot withstand the difference in biorhythms and are destroyed. But there are also those who support each other and adapt well.

While the lark is better at doing something in the morning, owls can take over some of the tasks that can be done after lunch or in the evening. For example, the wife (owl) is engaged with the children in the evenings, and the husband (lark) helps in the morning to get the children to school.

11. Time for preparations

Night is a wonderful time to prepare yourself and your family for the next day. You can cook porridge in the morning, pack a bag or briefcase for a child, wash fruits, prepare a teapot. If you are an owl, it is best for you to do such things in the evening, because in the morning you will definitely not be able to cope with them.

12. Propensity for self-development

No matter how hard you try, but if you are a true owl, you will not be able to force yourself to go to bed before 10-11 pm. But you have a lot of free time, which you can use for your own self-development.

On those evenings when you are not working, not preparing for the next day or not messing with the children, you have time for reading, webinars or training courses. You can attend interesting events, keep track of the latest fashion trends, do something interesting that will help improve your life.

13. Ability to think strategically

Resting at night gives you enough time to think about everything that is happening in your life. Darkness gives you peace of mind, which will help you think carefully about the current situation. Therefore, owls can think strategically: find the sources of existing problems, lay the foundation for future opportunities, determine further steps that will help realize their plans.

If you're an owl, don't blame yourself for not being as confident and collected in the morning as larks. If necessary, you will be able to get up earlier and do everything on time. And knowing its advantages, you can increase your productivity at night and use natural features more effectively.

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