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What to read on the weekend? A selection of the best materials for the week

03 May 2023, 16:33, parser
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27 important rules of modern etiquette

As the legendary American actor Jack Nicholson said:

I am very sensitive to the rules of good form. How to pass a plate. Don't shout from one room to another. Do not open a closed door without knocking. Skip ahead of the lady. The goal of all these countless simple rules is to make life better. This is not some kind of abstraction. This is a clear language of mutual respect for everyone.

We present to you a selection of current rules that every self-respecting and other person should know.

Which foods are actually incompatible for simultaneous human consumption

Everyone knows about the fun result that can be obtained if you eat a pickle and drink milk. From this post you will learn 10 of the most terrible food anti-combinations. On your behalf, we kindly remind you: if you like to mix soda with milk, then do not deny yourself to have sorbents at hand.

PURE — a new service for finding sexual partners with a focus on a real meeting

Have you ever used services to find sexual partners? Well, all these Mambas, Badu, Grindr and others. They are actually very good, but only for their creators, who suck the loot out of you. But the PURE service, available so far only on the iOS mobile platform, solves the main problems of finding sexual partners.: no need to write 100,500 times "hello", no need to wait for an answer that will never be, no need to scroll through hundreds of questionnaires. You only find those who have explicitly said what and when they want!

11 reasons to drink coffee every day

Coffee is a source of antioxidants. The smell of coffee relieves stress. Coffee helps with Parkinson's disease and your liver, especially if you like to drink. Coffee is like a pill for happiness and against suicide. Coffee protects women from skin cancer and helps in sports. Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and keeps the brain in working order for longer. Coffee makes you smarter. And coffee is a great reason to treat yourself to delicious desserts.

13 reasons to start reading again

We almost forgot how to read just for fun. Meanwhile, this useful habit gives us a whole bunch of pleasant bonuses that will be useful in life for any person. 14 of them are collected in this post. Do you like to read? Can you add something to this list?

Free courses of the three best universities in Russia – on Coursera

Delicious information for seekers of new knowledge and fans of freebies. Three Russian universities — the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, St. Petersburg State University and the Higher School of Economics — launch their own courses in the status of official partners of Coursera.

10 habits that spoil your spine

Back pain is already perceived by many as an inevitable evil. However, problems with the spine can be avoided or significantly smoothed out. In this infographic we want to remind you about the main factors that cause damage to the back.

Microsoft Word is so good that you can draw a new iOS 7 interface in it!

Designer Vaclav Krejci took and drew iOS 7 icons directly in MS Word for Windows. Incredibly, a simple text editor has almost all the necessary tools to create graphics in documents of this level. The video and the book are attached as evidence.

Learning to understand young people past and present

It won't work out for a walk today, the weather is just kapets, it's raining all day and it's cold! Therefore, go to the clubhouse, I believe. Just don't ask me to take a mirror, it's heavy in shock. And don't take this hipster friend of yours. He may be a carbon monoxide dude, but he's too wild when he drinks.

We are learning to "understand and forgive" representatives of the culture of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010s…

How not to make a mistake when choosing a hotel, or what booking services are silent about

Booking hotels is not a “lottery game”, as it may seem at the beginning, but just a matter of technique. These 10 tips from personal experience on how not to be confused by booking services and get exactly the level of comfort you expected are priceless.

Recipes: Salmon fillet with onion-cheese crust

Dedicated to all seafood lovers. This delicious and quick recipe for salmon is from the category of amazing: it requires little effort, and the result is delicious. We offer you to cook a healthy and delicious dinner, and it will be the tenderest salmon fillet under a crispy onion-cheese crust.

Apple held the final presentation this year

It has happened! Apple's long-awaited presentation, the last this year, has finally come to an end. Kupertinovtsy pleased us with a lot of new products and updates. Let's see what exactly.

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