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About Everything Wiki » Fitness » My Ironman: a little motivation, a crippled leg, cycling records and Thai bike service

My Ironman: a little motivation, a crippled leg, cycling records and Thai bike service

03 May 2023, 20:01, parser
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I'll start today with the good, and then I'll tell you a little about the bad and the good — the news is different in short :)

Flipping through my iPhone photos (I have to do this because I have a 16 GB version of the 4S and there is no space all the time), I found a photo of myself that I took in San Francisco after the gym. In the left photo I weigh 84 kg (my height is 176 cm), in the second — 71 kg. Right after the trip to America, I decided to take up running and then triathlon. Here is the actual result after almost 7 months. It didn't work out quickly, but I'm glad.

Photo 1-1

Of course, it was not only thanks to sports and some kind of regime that I managed to get myself in shape. Nutrition played a huge role here — the rejection of fatty processed foods and fast foods, a strict restriction on the consumption of sweets and the transition to plant foods with permission to eat mollusks and crustaceans. I'm in Thailand, but there is no such food in Kiev or it is extremely expensive. And yes, I'm not ready for questions about why I stopped eating meat and animal fats. It's just a feeling and a reaction to the knowledge that comes to me from many channels — books, movies, podcasts, stories of athletes. And the main thing is a personal inner feeling that it is necessary. Maybe not forever, but it's definitely better for me now.


Running has almost disappeared from my diet. The tendon near my ankle on the inside of my left leg is still bothering me. For the form, I run 5-6 km, but I don't allow myself any more yet. But I want to damn it! (The day before yesterday I decided to stop running for 2-3 weeks and focus on cycling. From Kiev, news comes from downed cyclists on the road — an extra reminder of what a disgusting country we had the "happiness" to live in. It is impossible to love Ukraine as Shevchenko loved it...


Last time I told you that I punched a wheel (twice :) and hobbled home on foot. It turned out that when changing the wheel, I broke the Shimano speed switch. It had to be changed and I entrusted it to a Thai master. Three days of incomprehensible red tape, enhanced training in Thai English and for only 1,700 rubles. they put a new switch on me.

Exhausted from the lack of normal running training, I set about improving my own achievements in the past. At first I wanted to stay 30 km at an average pace of 2 km/min. It turned out already from the third time, which I was incredibly happy about. Photographing the GPS watch data, a dog even got into the frame - it was definitely a special day!


Then I wanted to get out of 2 hours on a detour around the island — 50 km. It also succeeded, but from the second time:
Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 4.07.06 PM
Even on the slide that scared me before, I managed to become the King of mountain! I checked the sensors, nothing seems to be buggy :) I still don't believe in it myself.


Well, a beautiful photo of yourself that everyone liked so much on Instagram*...



I stopped swimming too. There are two reasons: 1) I'm tired of playing in the 12th pool — it's not productive and some cheating, 2) the sea has become violent and I'm tired of swallowing salt water, it then becomes very bad. So I'm waiting for Kiev, where I'll start running and swimming again. It's not long to wait — 3 weeks in total. And it's only 3 months before the start in Pescara, and it's starting to worry ... I calm myself only by the fact that I swam so much, ran so much, drove so much and more than met the time everywhere.


By the way, I post all sorts of interesting biathlon videos on Instagram*, I've tied up with the rest of the networks so far (why?).


And finally, a motivator.


I remember my promise to tell you about the equipment and clothes I use. Very soon, I promise!

You can subscribe only to the content "Run, Life Hacker, run!" like this: @runlh, facebook* and RSS. All posts of the "My Ironman" series.

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