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Social network for iPhones

03 May 2023, 13:01, parser
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Apple products have the magical property of creating a community around any functions of their products. GPS, motion sensor, and, of course, camera — all this is an excellent basis for implementing a real network for millions of iPhone users. And Instagram*— is a very interesting service for iphographers.

First of all, Instagram* is a free iPhone app that you can download in the AppStore (well, where else). After a simple registration, the program will present all its rich functionality.

Instagram* turns out to be a real social network, the prototype of Twitter for fans of iPhone photography. First of all, the application has a feed of photos of your friends. You can comment and like each photo.


The Popular section collects the best selected photos — this is a cool place for, so to speak, starting following:


However, stop looking at other people's photos, it's time to do your own. To do this, you have your iPhone's camera and a set of preset filters for every taste and color. Especially cool are the so-called lomo filters (hipsters will understand what it's about). The picture can be taken with the camera, or selected from the gallery of pictures. «Processed» The picture is also saved in the gallery of pictures, so that it can then be posted somewhere else.


Instagram*  actively friends with all popular social networks — from Twitter to Facebook* and Flickr. From Instagram*, you can send a picture to all social networks with just one tap of your finger. Of course, the service supports geotags and other goodies.

Instagram* is not just an interesting way of posting photos, but also a real tool for finding inspiration, because the photos on the service are mostly very cool (you can't even say that you can shoot so cool on a simple mobile phone).

Instagram Facebook and social networks owned by Meta Platforms Inc. are prohibited from operating in the territory of the Russian Federation.


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