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About Everything Wiki » Travel » How to use Skype in the complete absence of the Internet

How to use Skype in the complete absence of the Internet

04 May 2023, 15:14, parser
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Skype, with all its problems and shortcomings, is for me the most beloved Internet service over the past decade. With my travels and just frequent absences from home, he makes these breakups with loved ones not so painful. But what if you don't have the Internet at hand or it's extremely lousy, and you need to make calls? You won't even need a smartphone and Skype installed on it, even the antediluvian Nokia 1100 or worse will do :)

How to use Skype in the complete absence of the Internet

The not very well-known Skype feature Skype To Go Number comes to the rescue. Below I will tell you how it works.

How it works

Imagine the situation that you are in the USA, and your mother is in Ukraine, like me. And you need to call her from the phone in the morning and evening, when you also have evening and morning, but exactly the opposite. You sleep during the day in Ukraine (and in Russia), Ukrainians and Russians sleep during the day. It's not very comfortable to search the Internet, keeping Skype running if you have a smartphone is not cool, and no battery can stand it for a long time. With a one-minute access to the site using the Skype To Go Number service inside your account, you can create virtual and local numbers for you that will forward a call from you to a Ukrainian (or any other) number.

That is, by creating a virtual number, you specify the number of your subscriber in Ukraine, and then tell where you are. You are given a virtual local number for you, a call to which is charged according to the tariffs of your mobile operator. Obviously, it's cheap enough. The transfer of your call to Ukraine is billed at Skype-Out rates.

How much does it cost

For me, a minute of conversations with my mother in Ukraine when calling her mobile number costs €0.159 + charging in the USA when calling a virtual number is a couple of cents per minute.

What is important to consider before the trip

  • Be sure to have a couple of dollars in your Skype account
  • Set up the numbers you need for instant dialing in the Skype To Go Number service, because you will not always have access to the Internet

What else can I do?

Unfortunately, the creation of such local virtual numbers is only available in such countries. Ukraine and Russia are not included in the package.

list of countries where the Skype To Go function works Number

Skype To Go Number

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