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About Everything Wiki » Leisure » 10 easy love novels for lazy reading

10 easy love novels for lazy reading

04 Jun 2023, 00:02, parser
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1. "Vacation for two", Emily Henry

Everything that Poppy Wright, once a lonely girl from Ohio, and now a successful journalist, dreamed of has come true. A cozy apartment in Manhattan, a job that allows you to visit the most amazing places in the world, parents who are proud of it… But without her best friend Alex Nielsen and their annual summer trips together, Poppy's life has lost all meaning.

Hoping to fix the relationship, she invites Alex to a new adventure. However, in it everything will not go as planned, and the heroes will have to choose between friendship and love.

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2. "The Hypothesis of Love", Ali Hazelwood

Olivia Smith kisses the first man she meets in the Stanford hallway to avoid an awkward explanation with a friend. And she finds herself in an even more uncomfortable situation: the one to whom she rushes into her arms turns out to be Professor Adam Carlsen, the most unbearable young teacher in the entire university.

However, he agrees to play along with Olivia and pretend that they are dating: Adam has his own reasons for this. The popular trope "fake relationships become real" unfolds in the academic environment and touches on various problems of young scientists: from difficulties with funding to discrimination and sexism.

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3. "My Favorite Enemy", Sally Thorne

After the merger of two publishing houses, the personal assistants of the new bosses are forced to share one office. Lucy Hutton is a nice smart girl who is ready to pick up all the tasks of colleagues, and Joshua Templeman is a cold, reserved, not giving anyone a descent young man. And, as Lucy notes with displeasure, also damn attractive.

Colleagues who can hardly stand each other become rivals for a leadership position. But then attraction, passion, and maybe real love will interfere in the matter.

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4. "More Life, Chloe Brown", Talia Hibbert

Chloe Brown's life has been measured and predictable for too long. One day, after witnessing and almost participating in a car accident, she decides to change everything. First of all, she moves away from her suffocatingly caring mother, and then she looks for someone who could arrange adventures for her that are radically different from routine.

The commandant of her apartment complex and former artist Radford Morgan is perfect for this role. Spoiler: There will be many hot nights!

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5. "What Happened this Summer", Tessa Bailey

Socialite Piper Bellinger is used to not denying herself anything. After breaking up with her next boyfriend, she throws a grand party, after which she ends up in the police. As an educational measure, the stepfather sends Piper to Westport, a fishing town in northern Washington State. It seems as if the heroine will not last a day in harsh conditions and austerity.

Brendan Taggart drives a fishing schooner, is engaged in crab fishing, remains faithful to his deceased wife and loves an orderly life more than anything in the world. I think you can already guess what will happen when a hurricane named Piper breaks into his life.

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6. "Summer of Dreams", Holly Martin

Eva is satisfied with a measured life: good remote work, quiet home gatherings, and traveling is for someone more adventurous. Sorting through the dead mother's belongings, she finds a diary with places that she dreamed of visiting. Eva decides that the best way to dispose of the inheritance is to go on a trip according to her mother's plan.

At a travel agency, she meets a slightly arrogant, but charming guide Thor. It seems that they will not get along. But give them just a couple of chapters — and you will not find better companions for circumnavigating the world than these two. The story of Eve and Thor develops according to the cliche of the genre: there will be a transformation from an arrogant guy into an incredibly sensitive one, and sexual tension, and the blessing of parents, and all this against the background of the most beautiful places in the world.

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7. "The Exes Podcast," Rachel Lynn Solomon

At the radio station where the heroine of the book Shy works as a producer, cuts are coming. In an attempt to save his job, Shy suggests launching a podcast "Ex‑clearance", where he plans to discuss live with a fellow journalist Dominic what went wrong in their relationship. Except they've never been a couple. In the process of working on the releases, the characters realize that mutual attraction cannot be ignored.

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8. "Love is a Journey", Beth O'Leary

Writer Beth O'Leary likes to put the characters of books in uncharacteristic circumstances for them. This was the case with the novel "Apartment for Two", in which a guy and a girl lived in the same apartment and even in the same room, but did not see each other and communicated exclusively by notes.

The heroes of the book "Love is a Journey" Dylan and Addie are going to a wedding separately. They would prefer not to see each other at all, because they did not part on a good note. However, chance brings them together: Dylan crashes into Addie's car, and the heroes will have to spend difficult hours together. Resentments, secrets and unspoken feelings will surface. Maybe all is not lost for them yet?

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9. "Let's love each other", Morgan Moncomble

The heroes of this novel met in a stuck elevator. The flighty, silly, sweet Violetta and the reserved, silent, always collected Loan become friends like water, and after the guy breaks up with his beloved, they also move in together. They accept each other as they are, with emotional traumas, a complicated family past and character traits. The only thing the characters can't afford is mutual attraction.

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10. "You have one mutual friend", Carter Bays

The novel will appeal to those who miss the series "How I met your mother": it was written by Carter Bays, one of its creators. As in the show, the life stories of characters unlike each other are intertwined here: a confused assistant in a production company, her insecure boss, a successful IT specialist who did not bring happiness with money, and a medical college student who is ready to do anything to become a doctor. The events unfold in Manhattan, and New York acts as a full‑fledged hero of the novel.

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