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Sports Tracker Mobile App Review

04 May 2023, 13:01, parser
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First a lyrical digression. Despite a rather long break with posts, we are not closing the project. On the contrary, in two weeks I will resume my runs with a vengeance. I am by nature a thermophilic person and do not tolerate cold weather very well, so running in almost winter weather is a real test for me. Which I will start today! At the same time I will test another mobile service for sports Sports Tracker.

So, the very first thing that surprised me in Sports Tracker is a pleasant female voice with a British pronunciation :)

With registration, almost everything is the same as with other sports services. You can register on the website, or you can download a mobile application and register through it.

Install the metric system, specify the weight and age — everything is as usual. To add friends, you need to go to the appropriate section «Friends» and, for example, select connect via Facebook*. Here you will see your friends from FB* who are already using the service and can invite anyone from your list.

In short, using this service you can track your jogging, hiking or cycling trips, take photos with geotags. In theory, the service should also track the music you listen to while doing your exercises, but I haven't been able to figure out exactly how to do this yet, and I've been running my music tracks separately from the program.

In the «Explore» section on the site, you can see the latest user activity from around the world. If you log into the mobile application, then in the same section you will see people in your city with a location on the map.

By selecting any of the «points », you will see the user's name with a photo, what exactly he is doing right now (running, cycling, etc.) and, if he added, a small description. In my case, it was Zhenya, who was riding a bicycle in INGO to Sasha.

After syncing with your phone and exporting your run to the website, you can view your results on a graph. Moreover, if you follow it with the cursor, you are given information for this particular segment of the path and in parallel you can see on the map exactly where it was. It is very convenient for analyzing where exactly it was more difficult to run.

The service divides your entire route into segments of 500 m and gives you a detailed calculation with the total time, time for a specific segment, speeds (min/ km and km/h) and, if there is a heart rate monitor, then also pulse changes.

In a pleasant female voice with a British pronunciation, the application gives you information about your run in every kilometer: time, distance, average speed per km traveled. After the workout is certified, you can share it on Facebook* and Twitter.

And the site also gives you a code if you want to embed the results of a run in your blog.

I haven't fully explored the service yet, but so far I liked it the most of all the ones I tested. There is a mobile application for iPhone, Android and Nokia.

Sports Tracker | Nokia Store Free

Download in appstore

Download on googleplay

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