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About Everything Wiki » Survival » How to light a fire: 10 unusual ways

How to light a fire: 10 unusual ways

03 May 2023, 06:35, parser
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You never know what surprises life will bring you. Therefore, you should be prepared for everything. We present to your attention the post of Boris Zak, a lover of travel, trail running and running in general (who, by the way, has already told us about his participation in the German WiBoLT marathon). Today Boris will tell you about 10 ways to light a fire. Some of them will seem useful to you, and some will surely surprise you. :)

A little theory. What is fire?

Fire is the main phase of the gorenje process, which is accompanied by the release of light and heat. Fire can occur for various reasons: heating, chemical reaction, exposure to electricity.

So, to kindle a fire, we need combustible materials, oxygen and high temperature.

Method 1. Kindle a fire with a condom

A condom is truly a unique thing, I think that all travelers have long appreciated this multipurpose item. So, we take a transparent condom and fill it with water.

A condom will help kindle a fire
Kindle a fire with a condom

We use it as a lens, focus the beam on pre-prepared dry grass or paper, a little patience, and now there is smoke.

Using a condom as a lens
Using a condom as a lens

Method 2. Pepsi jar

We polish the bottom of the jar and use it as a reflector. The beam is directed at a sheet of paper or dry grass.

Pepsi jar
The bottom of the jar is an excellent reflector

Method 3. Photo frame and food film

We take a photo frame and wrap it with cling film.

Photo frame and food film
Frame wrapped in food film

We put the frame on the stand and pour water.

Pouring water
Carefully pour the water

That's it, the fire starter is ready.

Water frame

Method 4. Steel wool and mobile phone battery

Steel wool is a plexus of a very thin fiber of steel, it looks like ordinary cotton wool from a pharmacy. The steel itself consists of 98% iron and 2% carbon, the proportions may vary depending on the type of steel. We prepare a "nest" of dry leaves and grass, put cotton wool into it and spend several times with battery contacts on cotton wool.

Steel wool
Kindle a fire with steel wool and a battery

Method 5. Battery and foil from chewing gum

Battery and foil
Finger battery and gum foil

We cut off a strip of foil, fold it in half and sharpen the fold place with scissors.

We put the ends of the strip to the poles of the battery, and the main thing here is not to burn your fingers.

Take care of your fingers!
Take care of your fingers!

The same manipulations, only more clearly, are presented in the video.

Method 6. An interesting but expensive way to light a fire with IKEA products

Method 7. Ice

This method requires patience. You will not only make a fire, but also warm up. We take a piece of ice and with light movements of the knife we shape it into lenses. Then we polish the lens surface with our hands.

Smooth ice works like a lens

Well, every child knows how to light a fire with a lens.

Method 8. Chemical reaction

Sodium is a silvery—white metal, plastic, even soft (easily cut with a knife), a fresh cut of sodium glitters in the air and is easily oxidized to sodium oxide. To protect against oxygen contained in the air, sodium metal is stored under a layer of kerosene.

Sodium reacts very violently with water: a piece of sodium placed in water floats up, melts due to the released heat, turning into a white ball that moves rapidly in different directions on the surface of the water; the reaction proceeds with the release of hydrogen, which can ignite. This experiment is also called "dancing fire".

Chemical reaction
Sodium + water

Method 9. Flint

With the help of a flint, sparks are struck. The tool is compact, lightweight and can be used in any weather. On the Internet you can find a large assortment of flint. Which one of them you get does not matter, the main thing is to learn how to use this gadget correctly.

It's not difficult to strike sparks, you just need to prepare a good tinder. To do this, use a dry, flammable material.

Method 10. Fire Piston

This pneumatic lighter was invented sometime in 1770. It works on the same principle as a diesel engine. With strong compression, the air in the cylinder heats up to a temperature of over 300 ° C, which leads to the ignition of the tinder located at the end of the piston.

Fire with Fire Piston
Fire Piston

In order to reach a high temperature, a strong blow is needed.

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