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About Everything Wiki » Life » Life hacking list of goals for 2013

Life hacking list of goals for 2013

16 May 2023, 19:01, parser
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A long break from the usual work routine is a great reason not only to have a good time, but also to think about plans for the coming year. Usually at the same time, we open a new beautiful diary or favorite online service and start making a list of our goals. If you are faced with problems and your imagination cannot find worthy, real and easily feasible tasks, then let's help each other and make this list together.

So, next year it is absolutely necessary...

1. Eat only sitting down.

Down with pies, hot dogs, snickers and other quick snacks on the run! No mindless purchases of food under the influence of momentary desire! Now we will eat only sitting down, taking our time and in specially designated places.

2. Buy small plates.

The use of smaller plates according to scientific research leads to a decrease in the portions of food eaten. This simple trick really works.

3. Park in the farthest row.

In the parking lot in front of a large store or shopping center, everyone tends to drive up by car as close as possible to the entrance, creating a crush and hassle out of the blue. It is better to leave the car as far away from the entrance as possible and let the additional 500 meters serve as a good walk for us to strengthen the muscles and preserve the nervous system.

4. Walk up the stairs.

If I have to climb a reasonable number of floors, then I will definitely do it with my feet. If you can't do without an elevator, then I will go out a few floors earlier and walk.

5. Switch from coffee to green tea.

Green tea has many health benefits, including reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, lowers cholesterol and so on. Therefore, it is better to replace coffee with tea. At least partially. :)

6. Participate in a 5 km race.

Yes, it will be a real serious competition! A real goal is an excellent incentive for new achievements.

7. Start keeping a diary.

You don't have to write page after page every day. But at least selectively recording your thoughts, emotions, goals and hopes can be very useful.

8. Clean up your surroundings.

Life is too short to waste time on unnecessary fighting, squabbling and persuading skeptics. It's time to clear your environment of negative people who cause emptiness, anger, anxiety and prevent you from moving forward. It's time for weeding.

9. Surround yourself with positive people.

In addition to the above, surround yourself with those who will make you feel great, strong, happy and calm. You will notice a big difference in your energy when you are with them.

10. Give up sweet soda.

Of course, it is unrealistic to completely abandon sweets, and it is not necessary. However, replacing sweet soda with regular water can significantly reduce the harmful effects.

11. Start learning something new.

It is not so important what it will be — dancing, yoga, a foreign language, roller skates or painting. It is important that in order to preserve and develop mental abilities and memory, it is absolutely necessary to learn something new.

12. Turn off the news.

Evening news releases are simply imbued with negative energy and contain a complete list of accidents, crimes, disasters and diseases from all over the world. This is definitely the worst way to get news of all possible. It is better to spend this time on the implementation of the previous paragraph.

13. Vegetarian day.

Stick to a vegetarian menu at least once a week. It is possible that you will like it. At least one day, to begin with.

14. Read more.

Go from reading book titles and reviews about them to their content. Let's turn off our computers and televisions just one hour earlier and devote that time to reading.

Here is an approximate list of important things that can be compiled for the next year. Have something to add? Share your personal goals in the comments, perhaps this will serve as another incentive to achieve them. And in a year we will check!

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