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About Everything Wiki » Books » REVIEW: "Selling Texts", Sergey Bernadsky

REVIEW: "Selling Texts", Sergey Bernadsky

03 May 2023, 07:20, parser
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Sergey Bernadsky
Sergey Bernadsky is the author of the project , professional copywriter and business consultant. The author of a regular newsletter about copywriting and articles in the magazine "Management without Rules" Studied copywriting and marketing with Dan Kennedy at Glazer-Kennedy Insider Circle and with Andrey Parabellum.
To be honest, reading the first pages of the book put doubt in my brain, because at the beginning they talk about quite general topics, and I was waiting for a lot of useful practical specifics right away. Later, when I came directly to writing texts, I realized that without a thoughtful awareness of the basics of the subject, that is, "what and for what we are doing", a full understanding of the further narration can be problematic.

But further reading did not cause any doubts. The author of the book has very well built the text of the book itself and the logical transitions from one aspect of writing a selling text to another. Everything is easy to remember and understand, since each thesis is quite logical and based on common features of human perception of information presented in a certain style. Here all the important points are touched upon when writing: strategies, the title of the text, the offer and the importance of the introduction.

A whole section is devoted to the topic of increasing trust in the text, which is very important when selling. Sometimes it seems that what is written in a slightly ironic style may be inappropriate in this particular case, and you have to make an intuitive decision, try to write a text based on the assumptions "how would it be right". This book helped a lot by describing such controversial phenomena in texts as the relevance of humor, the balance of specificity and uncertainty, as well as the most statistically expected reaction of the reader to such techniques.

After describing all these points, the author gives a universal scheme for writing a selling text, which summarizes and includes all the techniques and techniques described earlier.

At the end of the book, we are talking about such important points as the correct design and editing of the text, as well as increasing the response to it, because the reaction of readers is very important and speaks about the quality of the created text.

For those who like to get acquainted with the topic with concrete examples, the book has a section "applications", where several successful examples of selling texts are collected. I don't know if this book will interest those who do not face the need to create selling texts in their activities, but I can say for myself that any copywriter who wants to improve the quality of his texts can learn a lot from it.

"Selling texts", Sergey Bernadsky

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