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About Everything Wiki » Photography » 6 trends from Instagram* that will look cool in your feed

6 trends from Instagram* that will look cool in your feed

03 Jun 2023, 12:05, parser
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1. The main trend of the year is a medical mask

The pandemic has made adjustments in the life of each of us. Now a medical mask is not only a necessary means of protection against coronavirus, but also a fashion accessory. There are options on sale in different colors, with interesting decor and unexpected design. And some models with prints or inscriptions can even serve to demonstrate your position on various issues. If you have an original mask, feel free to show it to the world. For example, try to capture a kiss in masks. At the same time remind subscribers about the importance of personal safety in this difficult year.

How to repeat

Arm yourself with a mask and turn on your imagination. It's very simple: the more original and unexpected your photo or video will be, the more likes you will get.

2. Body positive photos

Beautiful retouched pictures have not surprised anyone for a long time. Naturalness is in fashion! It is much more interesting to see how a blogger with an ideal body really looks if the right light is not exposed and there is no good angle. The photos that look the coolest are those that show how ordinary female figures instantly become fit and sexy thanks to the right pose or good lighting. They also remind you that in real life, wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks are normal.

How to repeat

To be photographed as you are is definitely very brave, but also very cool. Drop the shyness and show yourself without filters after sleep, without makeup or in underwear. You are beautiful!

3. Unexpected approach to food

Do you think the world should know what you eat? We understand. But forget about the photo shoots in the restaurant. While you're looking for a good angle, the food will cool down. Dirty‑style — that's what's relevant today. Feel free to remove imperfect dishes. Drops of burnt sauce will not spoil the photo, but only give it liveliness and realism. And if you still want gloss and perfection, bet on the originality of the picture. For example, choose a dessert to match the color of your shoes.

How to repeat

Put on your favorite shoes, then buy a dessert in a candy store that is as similar in color as possible to shoes. Place the dessert in front of you and take a picture so that the lens captures both the shoes and the treat. Edit the picture in the editor, adding brightness and contrast, upload to Instagram* and collect well-deserved likes.

4. Other nationality

We have already looked at ourselves in old age, we have changed the gender in the photo. Now the popular Gradient application has offered to try themselves as representatives of different nationalities. Many stars have already visited Africans, Asians and immigrants from India, now it's your turn.

How to repeat

Upload a selfie or a close-up photo of your face to the app. It is best with the hair removed and without sunglasses. Choose the desired nationality and share the result on Instagram*.

5. Dripchallenge

You throw up your shoes, catch them on the fly with your foot — and as if by magic you turn from an ordinary person into an elegant one. To make the video even more spectacular, some are filmed with pets. For example, a cute little dog turns into a huge black Great Dane after the boot takes off.

How to repeat

You need to change your clothes twice and shoot two separate videos. In the first one, in ordinary clothes, you toss a shoe and make a foot movement like Sharon Stone in "Basic Instinct". In the second video, you, having already changed clothes and changed shoes, again make a foot movement and playfully pose for the camera, showing off a new way. It remains only to combine both videos in the editor (for example, Clideo) and collect compliments from subscribers.

6. Acrobatic pets

Funny challenge with pets that jump over rows of toilet paper. If since the time of self-isolation you have deposits of spontaneously purchased rolls, feel free to take up the experiment. Usually on the fourth row small dogs give up. But cats are often more graceful. Check how your pets will cope with the task.

How to repeat

Put up rows of paper and lure a cat or dog with a treat so that they jump over an improvised obstacle. Complicate the task each time — add a row. Don't forget to take everything on camera and share the result on social networks. By the way, toilet paper can be replaced with other unstable items. For example, jars of cosmetics or bottles of nail polishes.

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