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About Everything Wiki » Web Services » 10 Ways to Use Google Docs more Productively

10 Ways to Use Google Docs more Productively

03 May 2023, 06:46, parser
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Google recently updated its online suite of office tools. The changes that have taken place are described in detail by Internet things, and Web Worker Daily shares useful tips on how to use Google Docs more effectively.

1. Keyboard shortcuts to launch Google Docs. Leo Babauta from WWD first of all advises to have a keyboard shortcut for quick access to Google Docs. He uses the AutoHotkey program for this. In addition, in the Mozilla Firefox browser, you can create a bookmark on Google Docs and write a letter combination in the keyword field (for example, «gd»). Now you can type gd in the address bar and immediately get into Google Docs. If you are actively using GD, then this advice can save a lot of time.

2. Keyboard shortcuts for creating a document. Similar to the first point. Using keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly create a new document.

3. Use the search to quickly find documents. There is a list of documents on the Google Docs homepage. Instead of clicking on folders in search of the desired file, you can use the search form. Google Docs searches as you type. If the keyword is not in the title of the document, but is in its content, press enter. GD will show a list of files in which this word occurs.

4. Keyboard shortcuts for popular documents. If you actively use Google Docs, then you probably have several documents that you work with most often. For example, it can be a table with a family budget, a large article or a book in the process of writing, etc. For quick access to them, you can also create keyboard shortcuts, as described in the first paragraph.

5. Joint work. One of the most important advantages of online office packages is the ability of people located in different parts of the globe to work on a single document. Just go to the Share tab and enter the employee's email address. After he accepts the invitation, you will be able to work together. GD keeps track of all changes to the document, so you can roll back « and return to an earlier state.

6. Publication. Another reason to use an online word processor is publishing. WWD write that they know of at least one case when a Google Doc document got on the home page . We should not forget about such an opportunity as publishing to a blog.

7. Folders. Folders are optional because the search is very fast. However, they can be useful for grouping documents for a specific project. Folders came to replace tags.

8. Minimalism. In the previous version of Google Docs there was a button «Archive», which allowed you to move documents on which work was completed to a special archive folder. The convenience of such a solution is that all old files are removed from view. Now the Archive has disappeared, but you can try to recreate it. To do this, mark the current documents with a star. Then click on the Star view link in the sidebar.

9. Formatting. If you need to create a document in several columns, you can achieve this using tables. When printing, the borders will not be visible, and the text will look in several columns.

10. Keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts allow you to do work faster than constantly pulling the mouse. Google Docs supports the most common keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-X, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-S, Ctrl-Z, Ctrl-B, Ctrl-I and Ctrl-U. But besides them there are other useful hotkeys:

Ctrl-J — alignment on both edges
Ctrl-L — left alignment
Ctrl-E — center alignment
Ctrl-M — insert comment
Ctrl-Space bar — delete formatting
Ctrl-1, 2 and 3 — styles for headers
F2 — editing the active cell (in tables)
Ctrl-Shift-L — unnumbered list

WWD also write their wishes to the Google Docs team. In their opinion, it is necessary to add an offline mode of Google Gears, improve tag editing, return archives, make a Gmail-style search, add the ability to format the printed version, improve the table processor.

In the comments to the WWD article, they add that GD has another great feature — a chat where employees can discuss the changes being made.

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