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About Everything Wiki » Internet » The hamster in the straw hat conquered the Internet and became a meme. We tell you where it came from

The hamster in the straw hat conquered the Internet and became a meme. We tell you where it came from

27 Jan 2024, 12:05, parser
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The hamster in the hat has been discussed on Twitter for several days. The rodent has already become a meme and divided the users of the Network into two camps. We tell you what it is and where it comes from.

On December 7, Twitter user (X) @Mudvex posted a post in which she showed two hamster food packaging designs. She proposed the first one with a cute painted hamster, and the second one was launched after she left the post of creative director with a photorealistic rodent in a straw hat.

@Mudvex noted that the "weird design" (with a hamster in the hat) was chosen by the management, not the creative team. But many netizens disagreed with her, supporting the second option.

There were also those who sided with @Mudvex.

In the discussions, a completely different feed was also distributed.

One of the commentators organized a vote to find out which design option is supported more.

The hamster quickly hit Twitter trends and became a staple for memes.

Flash mobs followed.

The hype around the hamster and his hat was picked up by some brands.

The phrase "When you see a bad design, the creative team is not always to blame" also became the main flash mob.

And the stream of publications about the hamster, the straw hat and the design is still going on.

And which packaging option did you like the most? Write in the comments.

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