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About Everything Wiki » Travel » What to do if you missed your flight

What to do if you missed your flight

03 Jun 2023, 00:02, parser
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How to determine which fare the ticket was purchased at

There are three main categories of tickets that differ not only in the price and comfort of the flight, but also the possibility of a refund if for some reason you did not get on board. Usually the name of the tariff is indicated on the document itself, as well as the option to return or exchange it.

  1. Non-refundable tickets are the cheapest. Airlines often label them with the words "promo", "lite" or "budget". You can return the money for such a ticket only before departure if the trip was disrupted due to force majeure or for another significant reason (for example, the passenger was ill). But even in these cases it is worth The Air Code of the Russian Federation, Article 108 "Termination of the Passenger Air carriage Agreement on the passenger's initiative" count on the refund of only part of the funds: airport fees or other expenses that the company transfers to third-party organizations. But it is impossible to exchange such coupons at all.
  2. Tickets of the average price category, which are often designated as "standard", "economy" or "optimum", can be returned or exchanged by paying fees. To do this, you need to warn the airline that you are not flying, before the end of registration or even earlier — it all depends on the rules of the carrier. You will have to pay a fine for the refund or exchange of the ticket. For example, in Aeroflot, this amount will be Rules for the application of tariffs / Aeroflot 2,800 rubles for a flight in Russia and 46 USD for an international flight. Moreover, if the route is with a transfer, you will have to pay a fee for each connection. It happens that airlines offer vouchers instead of refund for tickets — and in this case you do not need to pay fines. But remember that you have the right to choose between a voucher and a cash payment.
  3. The most expensive tickets give the passenger maximum privileges, including the opportunity to change or hand over the ticket for free. Some companies will do this, even if the plane is already in the sky without you. However, you will have to pay two or even three times more for such a tariff than for the rest.

What to do if registration is over, but the plane has not left yet

If you are 5-10 minutes late, still hurry to the counter and try politely to negotiate. There is a chance that the airline will meet you halfway and register you, despite the strict rules. Usually, several factors influence the carrier's decision in this case — for example, whether you have luggage or how far away the gate is from the counter.

In case of a clear refusal, do not waste time on empty persuasions and do not give in to despair. It is better to find out as soon as possible whether it is possible to exchange the ticket or refund the money. This will be told at the airline's representative office at the airport or by phone. Of course, it all depends on the rules of a particular carrier, but in most cases, if you do not warn about your lateness in advance, economy class tickets are likely to simply burn out. With timely treatment, the company will offer to return or exchange the coupon, but you will have to pay a fine.

Holders of the maximum fares will be offered to board the next flight without additional payment or refund the money, but for this you will have to write an application. But for those who have non-refundable tickets, it remains to put up with the loss of money and make a reservation again.

What to do if you have checked in for a flight, but boarding has already ended

When the doors to the gate closed, persuasion on airline employees, unfortunately, will no longer work. Do not waste time and immediately contact the carrier to find a solution to the problem. Depending on the fare, you will be offered a refund in full or in part, or you will be registered for the next flight with or without an additional fee.

Moreover, even holders of non-refundable tickets can count on a refund. For example, when a passenger was checked for a long time by customs or border services and found no violations or prohibited items. However, for this you will have to collect evidence. Ask the airport security service for a certificate about how much time you spent on the inspection.

What to do if you missed your connecting flight

In this situation, it all depends on the booking method.

When tickets for connecting flights are purchased as part of a single booking, it means that the airlines operating the flights cooperate with each other. For example, a passenger was late for the second plane because the first one flew with a delay due to the fault of the carrier. In this case, the first company should solve the problem: offer a new ticket without additional payment or provide a ground transfer to the next point of travel.

To do this, you need to contact the airline responsible by phone or through a representative office at the airport. At the same time, remember that being late for a connection due to the carrier is equivalent to a flight delay. In Russia, a passenger has the right to General rules of air transportation of passengers, baggage, cargo and requirements for the service of passengers, shippers, consignees, item 99 count on drinks after 2 hours, meals after 4 hours and check-in at the airline's expense if the flight is postponed for 6 hours or more. In Europe and America, the rules are similar. In Asia and Africa, everything depends on the airline.

Another question is if you yourself selected the route of connections and bought tickets for flights separately. In this case, the airlines are not responsible for the fact that you are late, even if the flight delay was their fault. In this situation, you will have to act according to the circumstances. If check—in or boarding for the next flight is over, and you are out of work, contact the airline - depending on the fare, it will offer a solution to the problem. A non-refundable ticket, alas, will burn.

What rules should be remembered

  • Check-in usually starts 2-3 hours before departure and ends 40 minutes before departure. You need to catch the landing 15-20 minutes before the plane departs. This information can be clarified with the airline.
  • The departure time on the ticket is always local. Take this nuance into account and check with time zones so as not to be late because of a ridiculous mistake.
  • If you are still on your way to the airport and realize that you may not have time to check in, go through it online on the airline's website. This will help save time and nerves. If you need to check in your luggage, this can be done in most cases at a separate counter.
  • At some airports, you can not even print boarding passes and use electronic ones. You can find out about this possibility on the official website.
  • If you checked in for a flight in the last minutes of the counter and are afraid that you may not be able to board, pay for the Fast Track service, which is provided by many major airports. The bottom line is that you will be conducted without queues at all points of control and inspection. The service can be ordered online on the airport's website or directly at the reception.
  • Try to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. And if you are traveling with a lot of luggage, small children or animals, it is better to arrive 3 hours earlier at all.
  • Try to study the airport layout beforehand, especially if you are going there for the first time. This advice will be most useful for connecting flights. This way you will be able to better navigate in an unfamiliar place and not waste time searching for the right reception desk.
  • When planning a composite route, look for flights with connections lasting at least an hour, preferably two. For complete peace of mind, try to choose connections in one airport terminal. If the arrival and departure are from different terminals, study the transfer methods in advance.
  • Read the rules for the carriage of baggage and hand luggage on the airline's website. An overweight suitcase or nail scissors in a backpack can detain you at the check-in desk and at the security checkpoint, and you will be late for boarding.
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