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About Everything Wiki » Travel » Where can a Russian citizen go in 2013 without a visa

Where can a Russian citizen go in 2013 without a visa

08 May 2023, 07:23, parser
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Europe is wonderful and you need to go there. But it's easier to be a poor Somali or a six-year-old Algerian than a Russian to get there for more than a couple of weeks. It's fine in the USA and the UK, but you need to get a visa there in advance. But there are a lot of countries that will gladly accept you from 14 days to 4 months, just don't forget your passport! Below is a list of countries to which you can go immediately after buying a ticket.

go without a visa

(or registration at the border is possible):

Azerbaijan (1 month)
Albania (from May 25 to September 25)
Antigua and Barbuda (1 month)
Bahamas (3 months)
Bangladesh (up to 15 days)
Barbados (28 days)
Bahrain (up to 14 days)
Belarus (passport of the Russian Federation)
Bolivia (1 month)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (up to 3 months with an invitation or voucher, visa-free entry is possible, subject to transit)
Brazil (3 months)
Burkina Faso
Vanuatu (up to 1 month)
United Kingdom (visa-free entry is possible when transiting through airports for up to 24 hours)
Venezuela (3 months)
Vietnam (up to 15 days)
Guyana (3 months)
Haiti (3 months)
Guatemala (3 months)
Honduras (3 months)
Hong Kong (up to 14 days)
Grenada (3 months)
Dominica (21 days)
Dominican Republic (1 month)
Egypt (30 days)
Western Samoa (2 months)
Yemen (3 months)
Israel (3 months)
Indonesia (30 days)
Iraq (10 days upon entry from Turkey)
Iran (14 days)
Cape Verde (1 month)
Kazakhstan (passport of the Russian Federation)
Cambodia (30 days)
Qatar (14 days)
Kenya (1 month)
Kyrgyzstan (passport of the Russian Federation)
Colombia (30 days)
Cuba (1 month)
Laos (15 days)
Lesotho (1 day)
Lebanon (3 months)
Madagascar (90 days)
Macau (30 days)
Macedonia (entry without visa)
Malaysia (1 month)
Maldives (1 month)
Morocco (3 months)
Micronesia (1 month)
Moldova (3 months)
Namibia (3 months)
Nepal (3 months)
Niue (1 month)
Oman (21 days)
Cook Islands (1 month)
Palau (1 month)
Paraguay (visa-free zone in the Iguazu Falls area, Ciudad del Este city)
Peru (3 months)
El Salvador (3 months)
Swaziland (1 month)
Northern Mariana Islands (45 days)
Seychelles (1 month)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (20 days)
Saint Lucia (6 weeks)
Serbia (up to 3 months)
Singapore (up to 96 hours subject to transit)
Tajikistan (by internal passport)
Thailand (up to 1 month)
Tanzania (1 month)
Turks and Caicos (1 month)
Togo (7 days)
Tonga (1 month)
Tuvalu (1 month)
Tunisia (30 days)
Uganda (1 month)
Uzbekistan (by internal passport)
Ukraine (passport of the Russian Federation)
Uruguay (since December 27, 2011)
Fiji (4 months)
Philippines (21 days)
Montenegro (up to 30 days)
Chile (3 months)
Ecuador (3 months)
Ethiopia (1 month)
Jamaica (1 month)

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