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About Everything Wiki » Motivation » 10 sayings about creativity and inspiration

10 sayings about creativity and inspiration

04 May 2023, 10:16, parser
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Lack of inspiration can really have a deplorable effect on your productivity. It is difficult to do the same work every day with inspiration, sometimes you need to recharge. Something that can give strength and inspiration.

If you feel a lack of inspiration, perhaps this list of ten sayings and quotes about inspiration, creativity and ideas will help you.x

Creativity makes mistakes. The art consists in knowing which ones are worth persevering in.
Scott Adams (American cartoonist).

Allow yourself to make mistakes, eliminating the fear of failure. This can serve to release your inspiration. The fear of failure prevents you from implementing ideas and expressing opinions, get rid of it.

Don't think. Reflection is the enemy of inspiration. You can't try to do something. You just have to do something.
Ray Bradbury (science fiction writer).

The connecting thread with the previous quote is the ability to make mistakes without fear. Don't even keep bad ideas to yourself, develop them and they can grow into something better. Do not cut ideas at the root, give them the opportunity to be realized.

The air is full of ideas. They are constantly knocking on your head. You just have to know what you want, then forget it and go about your business. The idea will come suddenly. It has always been so.
Henry Ford (American industrialist).

Sometimes ideas should come to mind as if by accident. Just sitting around and trying to come up with something is a bad way to be productive. Just occupy yourself with something, and the idea will come by itself.

No chaos, no inspiration. It's like the kitchen during lunch.
Mason Cooley (American aphorist).

If you want to make an omelet, you will have to break a couple of eggs. A comparison with cooking is a great way to show how creativity can be chaotic. Sometimes you need to implement old ideas or abandon them in order for new ones to come.

Which parasite is the most resistant? Idea. One idea of the human mind can build cities. An idea can change the world and rewrite all the canons.
Christopher Nolan (character Dominic Cobb from his movie "The Beginning").

Ideas must take root and be perpetuated. Sometimes you need to let an idea develop organically.

And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, for in it he rested from all his works that God had created and created.
The Bible.

Creationists believe that after six days of creating heaven and Earth, God set aside a day to rest. Taking breaks is very important to maintain creativity. Too hard work can put an end to your inspiration.

Speed is the true key to inspiration. The longer you do something, the less likely you are to do it.Patrick Stamp (American musician).

Ideas are fleeting. Fix them and strive to implement them. Carry a pen and a notepad or a voice recorder with you to write down ideas.

Being a creative person is more than just being different from others. Anyone can be weird, it's easy. It's hard to be as simple and great at the same time as Bach. Making things simple, incredibly simple — that's creativity.
Charles Mingus (American jazzman).

The best ideas are very simple and everyone thinks why it didn't come to his mind. Think about things in their simplest form, don't complicate them.

A person can die. Civilization can rise and fall. But the ideas will live on.
John F. Kennedy (35th President of the United States).

Romanticize your ideas. Believe that one good idea can change the world. And there's no reason why this idea can't be yours.

Creativity is contagious. Distribute it.
Albert Einstein (the great scientist).

Surround yourself with creative people. Sharing ideas is very useful if you want to look at the problem from a new angle.

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