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About Everything Wiki » Travel » How to go on a business trip and not screw up: instructions for a productive trip

How to go on a business trip and not screw up: instructions for a productive trip

04 May 2023, 16:57, parser
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Business trips are often an integral part of a person's work activity. Despite the fact that such trips are aimed at business development, there are also side effects of such trips. We are talking about everyday tasks that we can easily perform while in the usual office or at home, but on the road, limited access to the Network and a dramatically changed environment will play a role.

How to keep productive during business trips

We offer you some tips for staying productive on the go.

Take care of email and documents

Hours on the road can also be spent usefully. Regardless of whether you have access to the Internet or not, you can always open important emails waiting for a response in advance and start working with them offline. The same applies to documents. Upon arrival at the place, it will take you only a couple of minutes to send the correspondence and documents processed on the way.


It may also be that all letters / documents have been processed, and the destination is still far away. What to do? Engage in self-improvement. Expand and deepen your knowledge. Take with you an e-book that you could not finish reading. Such a style of travel will not only increase your erudition, but also strengthen the skill of maintaining focus in an uncomfortable environment.

Useful acquaintances

Man is a social being, and he needs communication. Conversations with an interesting interlocutor on the road can help not only pass the time, but also with some probability will give you a chance to make new useful acquaintances. Don't be antisocial. Maybe your seatmate will become your business partner in the future.

Take a broader look at your affairs

The daily routine rarely gives an opportunity to raise your head and assess the current state of affairs as a whole. A trip is a wonderful way to look at your business from the outside, rethink some of its elements, develop new strategies and concepts. In general, 30-40 minutes a day is enough for such brainstorming sessions, but during the trip you will be able to devote additional time to this.

The second option is to step away from the affairs of workers and think about those who are dear to you. Often work does not allow us to communicate with loved ones as much as we would like. Remember the 5 people who need your attention the most. Write or call them.

Detail your plans

We are used to planning our trips. Business trips are a special case. You need to have time to do as much as possible, and such a tight schedule creates an incredible confusion in your head. As a result, a seemingly clear plan of action turns into a rather blurry picture of "meeting with those and those, going to those and those". During the trip, you can optimize your trip schedule, sort it out, make it more detailed. As a result, when you arrive at the place, you will have a really detailed description with highlighted tasks and key goals of each meeting.

And here it is, the long-awaited moment of arrival at the destination. In order for the trip to be as effective as possible, you need not lose sight of the key objectives of the arrival.

Transfer all routine work to your free time

You came here for a reason. You can't waste working hours on those same daily office activities, they will wait. The most important thing now is to complete the most priority tasks that are directly related to the place where you arrived.

Minimize distractions

Perhaps your subordinates can't live a day without you. Every minute you are being harassed on all communication channels, asking for advice and instructions. Go back to your carefully planned schedule, take another look at your key goals. They are now a priority. Otherwise, it may turn out that you spent most of your time solving office problems remotely.


Of course, it's best to start doing this before the trip, but what if plans are disrupted, meetings are postponed, and now you need to visit two places at the same time? At such moments, you need to understand well which of the meetings is more important to you. Always allocate tasks of high and highest priority for yourself. Thus, you will protect yourself from the approaching feeling of failure, and also minimize the mental anguish of choice.

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