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About Everything Wiki » Travel » Checklist of about-everything departing to another

Checklist of about-everything departing to another

04 May 2023, 16:57, parser
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Before buying tickets

  • If you are looking for the most cheap tickets to your destination, then you will probably come across a flight with one or two transfers and no docking (i.e. different airlines). In this case, I advise you to provide that waiting at airports for transfers will be at least 4-6 hours, especially in winter. Counting on a shorter transfer, you risk being late for the next flight if the previous one is postponed (this may happen and you will be notified in advance) or postponed for some time due to bad weather conditions or poor service at the airport. Usually everything goes well, especially with reputable airlines, but occasionally fakaps happen.
  • Make sure that your passport does not expire in the near future. For example, to enter Thailand, the passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of the end of the tour.

Before departure

  • Remember whether you have unpaid fines and debts. If you suspect that they may remain with you, then you should check (on the tax website, on Public Services for traffic police fines and taxes) and pay. You can be banned from leaving the country only by a court order, and you will be notified about it, but suddenly you do not live at the place of registration? Anything happens.
  • Issue an additional bank card, take it with you and store it separately. This is in case the main one is stolen.
  • Similarly to the previous point, make copies of the main documents and store them separately. They will simplify your life if the main ones are lost. Also, I always have pictures of documents in my phone, sometimes it comes in handy.
  • Warn your bank about staying in another country and intending to use the card there, so that the automatic security system does not block it due to a harmless foreign transaction.
  • Thailand only: You should make a printout of the return ticket, they may ask. However, in general, tickets do not need to be printed, they are registered for the flight using a passport. If you are flying for an indefinite period, then make a fake ticket reservation and print out the email with the armor.
  • Thailand only: If you plan to ride a motorbike, then think about how to apply for honey. insurance.
  • Once at the airport, I was asked to present the bank card with which the ticket was purchased . If you are buying with someone else's card, then it is worth clarifying this point with the airline.
  • Find out from your airline the limits on the permissible weight of baggage. Low-cost airlines may have stricter restrictions. During the collection, weigh your luggage and make sure that it does not outweigh 20 kilograms. Hand luggage is usually limited to 5-7kg, but no one checks it, so you can stuff more into it.
  • Think about using couchsurfing, at least for a few days. Couchsurfing is an incredibly cool opportunity to have a great time. Its essence is not in economy, but in the opportunity to get acquainted with local guys, with real housing, traditions and learn more about culture. You immerse yourself in the real life of another country and see what is hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists staying in a tourist bubble.

On the plane

  • In flight, take off your shoes, let your feet rest . In order not to embarrass the neighbors in the chair with the extravagant smell of stale socks, I change them right at the airport.
  • Try to choose seats behind the plane , as there are often empty seats where you can even fall apart lying down. No one will disturb you until the scoreboard appears «fasten your seat belts ».

At the airport

What to do if you have a long wait for a transfer at the airport? Basically, there is nothing to do there:

  • Find triple seats without armrests and sleep.
  • Find an outlet and charge the laptop.
  • If you have to spend time in expensive airports (Moscow, Dubai, etc.), then buy non-perishable products for a snack in advance: nuts, dried fruits, sandwiches (without fatty sausage), chips, drinks. Just to eat in cafes there will cost two to three times more than usual.

In another country

  • Never throw away the tear-off receipt of the immigration card, you will need it when you leave the country.
  • Thailand only: Immediately after arrival go to the massage salon and order a full body massage for two hours. Experienced Thai hands will restore your stiff and tired body.
  • When traveling between cities always keep documents, money and equipment with you. They can easily steal from luggage.
  • If you don't know English or the local language, then download the app to your smartphone with frequently used phrases. Although it's inconvenient, it's better than trying to show with your fingers what you want from a perplexed passerby.
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