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About Everything Wiki » Travel » Fighting Office Angst: You have more Travel Options than You Realize

Fighting Office Angst: You have more Travel Options than You Realize

04 May 2023, 05:42, parser
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Time. It seems that it will never be enough. And lack of time is one of the reasons that people point out when they explain why they travel a little. Of course, there are also material problems, but now we will not talk about them.

Let's not dissemble, those who spend 8 hours at work in the office from 9 to 6 are much more limited in their freedom than, say, freelancers. They can't afford to just go to another country for a month to change the situation. From Monday to Friday, from 9 to 6, they must be at the workplace. And yet, even with this lifestyle, they can travel much more than they do. It just seems to them all the time that they don't have enough time for it. And this is not so.

Let's do the math. If your job is not exactly slavery, then you work 5 days a week. There are 2 days off every week for rest, plus public holidays, plus you have a legal vacation of 28 calendar days long. In general, we get about 145 days of rest a year. That's so much! This is actually 4.5 months that you can devote to traveling! Yes, they don't go in a row, and yet, it's a lot of time. So when you say that you don't have time to travel, it means that you just don't prioritize travel. It's like saying that you don't have time to go to the gym, it's there, you just prefer to spend it elsewhere.

The problem, in fact, is that many associate the word "journey" with a long-term, big trip.

"Travel" is a cruise on a yacht or an airplane flight to another country. And there is nothing terrible or surprising in this. It was marketers from the tourism industry who explained to us what a "journey" should be. And it's so sunk into our heads that it's hard enough to think differently now.

But there are many ways to quench your thirst for travel, even when you don't have much time.

On weekends

Two days is not much, but still enough to explore the neighboring cities. A couple of days in any other place is better than a couple of days on your own sofa.


Do you have a week to rest? Do not plan a trip to central Africa, which you will take longer to get to! Choose a place closer. Believe me, there are such places, you just have to look.

Be a tourist in your city

How often do you visit places where tourists usually go? Parks, embankments, museums? Surely you've been there for a long time, or maybe you haven't been there at all? Rent a hotel room for one night and be a tourist! Go for a walk to places where you have never been or have been for a very long time.

Important: be sure to spend the night away from home, otherwise in the morning you will be delayed by everyday affairs. You will think: now I will finish cleaning and go for a walk right away! And when the cleaning is done, it will be dark outside the window. Your goal is to disrupt the order of things and defeat the routine, and to do this, it is simply necessary to get out of the house. By the way, you will also be spared from morning chores like cleaning the bed and making breakfast!


Spend your time wisely

No need to try to see everything in one trip. It is impossible to see half of Europe in two weeks or conquer South America in a month. If you think that "travel" means "to see as much as possible", then you are fundamentally wrong. When planning a route, you begin to mark the places you want to see, then you realize that a week is not enough for this, and postpone the trip until you have "more" time. No need to wait. Just look at one or two places. But you will have a reason to return to this city again. And you will get much more pleasure from such a leisurely journey. You will be able to calmly appreciate every moment and feel the spirit of the city.

So, as soon as you feel that you want to travel, do not immediately discard this thought with the words: yes, there is no time anyway! Look for an opportunity to break out of the routine and see something new in the world that surrounds you. The methods that we described in the article will help you get new impressions, refresh yourself and cheer up for new achievements and achievements.

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