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About Everything Wiki » Relationships » Overview of four Windows Mobile clients working with the Facebook network*

Overview of four Windows Mobile clients working with the Facebook network*

02 May 2023, 11:58, parser
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The social network Facebok is rapidly gaining fans, especially after it became a platform for socially-oriented web applications this spring. Now this network has a chat between users, there is a special wall of ads, bookmarks, links, a kind of microblog, a photo section, and many other features, in terms of the number of which and the quality of implementation, Facebook* is the leader among social services. On Facebook*, you can keep your own microblog (like Twitter), and this makes the service popular not only among computer users, but also among those who access the network from a mobile device. I tested three Windows Mobile apps designed for visiting Facebook*.

Facebook* App


Pros: the program can send messages to friends from the contact list, manage your profile, create messages in any section of the service, upload pictures directly from your smartphone, beautiful, user-friendly interface.

Cons: works exclusively only in WM 6.

Download Facebook* App:



Pros: the program shows notifications shows notifications directly on the smartphone screen, customizable statuses, responses to user requests, checking wall inscriptions and incoming messages, viewing group events and invitations, user-friendly interface, fast operation.

Cons: the program, like the previous one, works only in WM6, paid ($ 2), the trial period is only 2 days.

Download FriendMobilizer: /.



This small application works with Facebook*, and can only set statuses, search for new friends and put tags about where you are now. You can be found by these tags. It cannot be perceived as a serious, separate program. Works in WM 5 and higher.

Download FindMe: /.



I liked this program the most. She just meets my requirements – to be an agent for communication on Facebook*.


Pros: the program works in WM 5 and higher, adapts to any screen resolutions, there is a full-screen mode, alarm about messages by sound and vibration, messages are displayed in tabs, hiding friends offline. This program suits me almost completely.

Cons: requires .NetCF 3.5, however, is the first thing I installed on my smartphone.

Download Facebook*IM: /.

Topics about Facebook* are often raised in the network of our friendly blogs:

  • MakRadar: EventBox — all social networks in one place
Instagram Facebook and social networks owned by Meta Platforms Inc. are prohibited from operating in the territory of the Russian Federation.


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