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About Everything Wiki » Travel » How to extend the operation of a laptop or smartphone from a single charge?

How to extend the operation of a laptop or smartphone from a single charge?

04 May 2023, 05:41, parser
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Manufacturers continue to improve batteries for smartphones, laptops and tablets. And each time they keep the charge longer and longer, but still there are cases when you go on the road and for some reason you can't charge your gadget for a long time. Readers of the blog "How-To Geek" shared tips on how they extend the life of the device from a single charge.

1. The most common advice is to reduce the screen brightness to a minimum. There are special applications with which you can set the backlight level even lower than the standard settings of the device allow. Also set the minimum time interval for automatically turning off the screen backlight.

2. You can disable 3G, WiFi and GPS connections. Turn them on only as needed, and turn them off again after use.

3. Energy will be saved if you do not use screensavers, but simply turn off the screen while it is not in use.

4. Great advice: you can not bother with the settings and not lose functionality, but just take an additional set of batteries and a battery charger with you.

5. For laptops, you can use special programs, such as BatteryCare (for free). This program reminds you when it's time to calibrate the battery. And when the laptop is running on battery power, the program independently minimizes some parameters.

6. Laptop: Do not use a disk drive. It is better to copy all the necessary files to the hard disk in advance.

7. Budget tablets sometimes consider themselves phones and are constantly looking for a cellular network. Naturally, they do not find it, but they spend a lot of energy on it. To avoid this, switch the tablet to airplane mode. By installing an additional special application, you can use the WiFi network while staying in airplane mode. If you have root rights, you can completely root out the network search function.

8. The iPod can also be converted to airplane mode to save energy, so that it does not scan available WiFi networks.

9. Install the Task Manager on your device and delete applications running in the background that you don't need at the moment. This also saves charge.

You can read many more interesting tips about using devices in our article: "How to properly charge the batteries of smartphones and laptops so that they last longer?"

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