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TOP 5 household items that will help you warm up and relax

02 May 2023, 07:27, parser
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In autumn, you want warmth even more than in winter. We haven't had time to get used to the hot summer yet, but here it's gray, slush, piercing wind and no entertainment on the street… We spend more and more time watching our favorite movies or other quiet home entertainment. I want the house to be especially cozy and cheerful during this period. I picked up some cute little things that will not only warm you up, but also give you a good mood.

5. Silk sleep mask

Are you familiar with the feeling of sand in your eyes that appears at the end of a working day spent at the computer? A silk mask will help your tired eyes. In addition to the gentle touch of soft fabric, you will feel the subtle relaxing scent of lavender. The mask does not have a pungent smell, as it is filled with lavender leaves, not flowers or oil.

lavender-scented silk sleep mask, woman in a sleep mask

4. Funny slippers

If you get up in a good mood in the morning, then the day will pass as it should. Looking at these funny slippers, it is impossible not to smile. And they are also very warm, and as you know, if your feet are warm, then you yourself will freeze less.

funny animal slippers

3. Hot water socks

Inside these socks is a heated part, which consists of natural wheat and aromatic oils. Put the socks in the microwave for one minute, and then enjoy the warmth and aroma of lime, rosemary and cedar for 1.5 hours. And they also have very "cozy" colors.

hot water bottle socks with aromo oils, feet, carpet, stairs

2. Neck warmer

In the cold season, I often hear complaints: my neck is blown out. And I myself suffer from pain several times during the season, from which it is impossible to even turn my head. A neck warmer will help you recover quickly in this case. In its composition, as well as in socks, natural wheat and aromatic oils.

neck warmer, woman with neck warmer

1. Body warmer

Well, in the first place, of course, a body warmer. Guess what's in the line-up? Precisely! Wheat and aromatic oils. The heating pad heats up in a minute in a microwave oven. Put it to your feet or just hug it like a good old friend, you will feel warm and cozy. The design of the hot water bottles is very joyful.

Body warmers, woman with a hot water bottle, duck hot water bottle

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